Meet Bobi, The World's Oldest Doggo

Meet Bobi, The World’s Oldest Doggo

BIG DOGGO NEWS!! The Guinness World Record has just been broken for the World’s Oldest Doggo. Previously, the record was held by a 29-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey. That record has held strong since 1939!

So who’s the lucky new winner? 

Everyone, please meet Bobi! 

This bubba just surpassed Bluey’s record and has been having a heckin’ good life for 30 years. How cute is he with his official certificate? 

Bobi is a Portuguese Rafeiro do Alentejo; his favorite activities include lounging by the fire and wrestling neighborhood cats. 

His owner was just 8 years old when he rescued Bobi and credits his long life to a few things; his peaceful free roaming lifestyle, eating human food with the seasoning removed, and drinking a vast amount of water. 

Bobi’s long lifespan is legendary for a dog; may we all be so lucky.

Bobi, we love you!

To watch the Guiness World Records feature on sweet Bobi, visit:

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Original story / article courtesy of Dogs Best Life

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