We Love Doggos and the We Love Doggos Charity are built around a single mission, to make the world a better place for dogs. To do that we provide financial support directly to our amazing charity partners who collectively rescue more than 2,500 dogs a year!

Just as important, we also work hand-in-hand with our community members, in the field and on special missions, projects and on behalf of individual, at-risk dogs through our “Hero Club” community of 10,000+ members.

Here are their stories, just a sample of the hundreds of such acts of kindness, performed selflessly, by these “Heroes in Action”.


The We Love Doggos Lend-A-Paw Program is co-sponsored by both the Hero Club and Hero Club Gold. Its purpose is to help cover emergency, often life-saving medical expenses for sick and injured dogs for families who might otherwise not be able to afford care and treatment.

Additionally, The Lend A Paw Program waives adoption fees for dogs that have spent an extended period in the shelter, encouraging their adoption and providing them a loving forever home.

Below are a few doggos who received help from the Lend-A-Paw program. Tap on the dropdown to read more about them, and come back often as we're adding more and more doggos every day.


Introducing Clementine, our sweet and energetic doggo, the very first recipient of a We Love Doggos sponsorship! Rescued from the Mission Valley Animal Shelter in Ronan, Montana, Clementine, at just 3 years old, faces a lifelong need for heartworm medication, not just preventative. She's an expert cuddler and lover, and we were determined to ensure nothing hindered her adoption. Thanks to our incredible community support, we waived her adoption fee and committed to covering her medication costs for life. Our open-door policy paid off quickly, as Clementine found her forever home in less than a week and enjoyed the holidays in comfort. Clementine, we love you!


Meet Farrah! This sweet baby was abandoned by a family that thought she was a picky eater; they were tired of her not accepting the food they gave her. It turns out that Farrah has an enzyme disease and struggles to process her food! When we first met this sweet Saint Bernard, she was weighing in at 52lbs...at her age, she should have been at 70-80lbs. We Love Doggos stepped in to help the shelter to get to the bottom of this medical condition so that this doggo could find her way to her FURever home with a full belly! After providing her with a specialty diet, she gained some pounds back and was adopted to a patient and loving family that is willing to cater to Farrah’s dietary needs. Farrah, we love you!


Meet Carlos! This senior doggo is a PAWfect doggo success story! Carlos was found abandoned in Northern California where the We Love Doggos sponsored transport, The Underdog Railroad, found him in a kill-shelter. In his old age, it seemed as if all hope was lost. We knew that Carlos deserved to live out his days in a loving home, and he transported by their team over to a shelter in Montana! Along with Carlos, 8 other dogs were taken off the euthanization list and put into a no-kill shelter with space until they were able to get adopted. In addition to helping Carlos, we made sure all the doggos transported were spayed and neutered. Carlos is now safe and sound with his new family, and will carry out the rest of his days with endless support. Carlos, we love you!


Meet Nanook! This husky is a fighter; after being deserted by his hooman and experiencing homelessness, Nanook arrived in a shelter with broken bones and life threating infections. A hooman hero stepped in to foster Nanook and realized that he needed immediate surgery to repair his leg. The shelter noted that he is “two years young” and “total arm candy.” Aside from Nanooks necessary surgery, We Love Doggos knew that he was bound for a beautiful future ahead. Our community put together a campaign to help pay for his surgery, and we are proud to say that he is on the mend and safe in the comforts of Arctic Dog Rescue in Utah. He is ready to move through his past misfortunes and onto a life of love and kindness. Nanook, we love you!


Meet Thor. He is a 2-year-old Heeler Mix with a lot of spunk. Isn’t his speckled fur the cutest?? We found him over at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter in Eureka, Montana. He was a longer-term resident, and the shelter staff felt that he could use a little help getting adopted. Your Hero Club Membership allowed us to waive his adoption fee! In just a few short days, his lucky new family picked him up and he’s happier than ever. Thor is incredibly smart and playful- we thank you for giving him the opportunity to thrive in his FURever home in honor of National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Thor, we love you!


Meet Maple! In January of 2021, a devastating fire burned through the bustling town of Louisville, Colorado. 600 homes were burned to the ground and countless animals went missing. The animal shelters did everything they could to bring the lost pets in from the cold, and their humans wouldn’t go a day without searching for them. The We Love Doggos team personally got in their cars to search the streets for displaced pets. We Love Doggos was eager to help even more, and made a donation to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Emergency Safety Net, where Maple was reunited with her family. She was one of the lucky ones. The sweet doggo ran for miles and ended up in the humane society’s care. After days of calling, they finally located her family! Boulder Valley Humane Society reunited countless pets, and for those that lost cherished family pets, they held a candlelight vigil in their memory. It was a valiant effort that we were proud to support. Maple, we love you!


Meet Nipsey, a three-month-old Heeler mutt rescued by Moms and Mutts, a dog rescue our Hero Club supports. They rescue pregnant and nursing dogs, cats, and abandoned litters in Colorado and nearby states. Nipsey's mom was one of those rescues, and after arriving in Colorado, she gave birth to Nipsey and three siblings. With our Hero Club's help and MAMCO's efforts, Nipsey is now part of the We Love Doggos family, ready for camping, biking, and endless joy. Stay tuned for his adventures!


Meet Pia! This poor gal was at the shelter for far too long and was experiencing kennel anxiety. Thanks to your help, we were able to waive her adoption fee and offered behavioral training to her new family. She was a very nervous lady, and all she needed was some extra love and resources to thrive. We are happy to share that she has found her FURever home! 


Sometimes we receive urgent requests for help, where a dog's life hangs in the balance, whether due to euthanization or critical health reasons. 

Our mission is simple: to unite our vast community of over 500,000 dedicated doggo lovers and come to the rescue. 

When a case is desperate and time is of the essence, we issue a Dogg-O-Lert, mobilizing our compassionate network to save these precious lives. 

Below are a few furry friends that are still alive today because they received the help they needed from a We Love Doggos' Dogg-O-Lert.  


We were so upset about Auburn’s situation that, two weeks ago, we issued a full-scale Dogg-O-Lert. That’s where we go out to our entire 500,000+ doggo-loving community to see if anyone can help save one of our special furry friends facing certain death in a kill shelter.

Within 24 hours we had TEN community members respond offering immediate, life-saving help.

We are happy to report that Auburn has been moved to a long-term no-kill shelter in order to rest and recover after her surgery. She is safe from harm at last and we hope Auburn will build strength and trust in her time before being adopted out.


If you’ve been following the story over the past couple of weeks, you know that on September 29th, we issued a Dogg-O-Lert in hopes of saving a handsome little Husky named Boss.

This poor little guy had already been sitting in the shelter for a little over two weeks and his outcome was quite grim. That’s when something amazing happened…

Support from our Hooman Heroes across the country poured in and offered to help. Within days, Boss was re-located to a no-kill shelter and was safe. The only thing left was help find Boss his new fur-ever home in Utah.

Now, just 12 days later, Boss has been placed in a foster-to-adopt environment with his new family in Utah. Boss is home at last!

Spot And Dakota

Spot and Dakota's story coming soon!


Rusty's story coming soon!


Trinity's story coming soon!


Thank you We Love Doggos Hero Club for matching our contribution and covering the cost of Oscar’s leg amputation. Without it he surely would have been put down in the kill shelter he was in.

But instead…he made a full recovery. And, as hoped, HE WAS ADOPTED!

The foster mom (aka Hooman Hero) that took him in found a co-worker who though that Oscar was the “Bee’s Knees” and made our dream of a FURever home for Oscar a reality.


MISSION: Atiende al Perro

Our mission was to join a team of doggo lovers and rescue PAWTners on a daring expedition to Ensenada, Mexico. 

Our objective was clear: to ensure the health and 250+ of dogs by vaccinating them against life threatening disease. This operation was codenamed “Mission PAWsible: Atiende al Perro.”


Atiende al Perro is “take care of the dog” en Español. And, boy oh boy, we did. We partnered with two incredible non-profit dog rescues: The Animal Pad (based in San Diego, California) and Los Adoptables (based in Ensenada, Mexico). We crossed the Mexican border from San Diego with countless medications, dog treats, and 10 full-sized rotisserie chickens to desensitize and entice to street doggos in order to administer the vaccines. It was a team effort, but together, we knew what we had to do. We worked diligently, and even picked up a few strays in need of immediate care. One pregnant doggo, formally named Pizza, even hopped in the van to travel home to San Diego to have her babies in a safe location.


After a trying 14-hour day in the remote hills of Ensenada, we had achieved adequate success. Over 250 doggos that we encountered had been administered the necessary medications, however, we could have used 250 more doses…the number of doggos in need was immense. We headed back to Los Adoptables to debrief as a crew, and grabbed 8 more doggos for transit into the USA. One notable doggo was Catalina; a smooshy face snuggle bug who cuddled the We Love Doggos volunteer team the entire car ride back into the states. This mission was fraught with challenges, but the reward was immeasurable. Saving the lives of countless dogs in Mexico and preventing the spread of deadly diseases was the ultimate goal. While we feel that we left behind a healthier, safer dog population, we feel that there is more work to be done. We will return with more medical supplies and chicken ASAP. 

MISSION: Operation Safe Haven

Our mission this go round was to unite our charity partners! We teamed up with our original partners, The Underdog Railroad Transport, to bring a group of 17 doggos in need from an overcapacity shelter in Northern California over to our affiliate rescue partners in Eureka, Montana, Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter. The ultimate goal was to get these doggos out of harms way and into temPAWrary no-kill animal shelters so that they would have the best chance at finding their FURever homes. This mission was codenamed: Operation Safe Haven. 


The first step was to collaborate with the transport group, Underdog Railroad, to study the passenger list of dogs being transported. They identify dogs in high-kill shelters and pull the ones at risk in the coming days…it is a truly valiant effort on their behalf. On an ongoing basis, We Love Charity provides their non-profit with a monthly sponsorship to cover vital transport needs like dog food, medication, and gas expenses. But this time, our support was even more hands on. We worked with Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter to set the arrival date to unload the doggos from the transport van into their safe-haven facility. Our operatives, a.k.a. the We Love Doggos Executive Director, Terry Williamson and his lovely wife Lori, traveled up to Eureka to aid in the move and ensure that each dog was greeted with love, care, and a promise of a better life. Terry said, “You could see the look in their eyes; they realized that they were going to be okay…”


After some hugs goodbye, the Underdog Railroad Transport team hit the road en route to Canada to rescue even more doggos in need. Meanwhile, our team on the ground worked with Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter to make the new shelter residents comfortable in their short-term home before being adopted. Every doggo saved becomes a success story; a testament to the dedication and bravery of our team and charity partners. These missions are PAWsible because of our communities unwavering commitment of our partners, the tireless efforts of the volunteer rescue team at Underdog Railroad Transport, and the generosity of our Hero Club members who support these life-saving initiatives. Together, we are changing the lives of doggos, one daring rescue at a time.

MISSION: Operation PUPavilion

Our mission was to lead a team of dedicated volunteers and builders on a covert mission to provide shelter and comfort to the canine inhabitants of Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter (Eureka, Montana) in dire need. Our mission is to construct a state-of-the-art Gazebo for Dogs, codenamed "Operation PUPavilion," to shield these innocent animals from the scorching summer sun and harsh Montana winters.


We began by conducting a site assessment to gather critical information on the shelter's layout to select optimal size and location for the gazebo. We presented this information to our Hero Club community of donors, and the mission was a-go. We gathered a team of volunteers and We Love Doggos Charity team members and drove to Eureka, Montana, in 90-degree heat to build the structure. There were some occasional prying doggos in the shelter’s backyard; you could see the anticipation in their eyes for solace form the hot summer day. It took the team 3 total visits, but the end result was everything Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter had hoped for and more.


Operation PUPavilion was not just about building a gazebo; it was about providing a safe and comfortable space for our four-legged friends in need. Our Hero Club’s dedication to this mission will ensure that these dogs find solace from the elements and experience the care and compassion they deserve. To commemorate our community’s dedication, we have placed a plaque in honor of our Hero Club members inside the gazebo. While the mission was covert, the humans and doggos shaded by the gazebo will know We Love Doggos for years to come. 

MISSION: Huck's Heroes

Our mission was to orchestrate an engaging raffle fundraiser to provide a lifeline of support for The Animal Pad, rescue PAWrtners in San Diego, California. They needed help in the care of 380+ doggos that they saved from a hoarding situation down in Mexico. Their needs were extensive, but there was a deeper meaning for the team behind the scenes at We Love Doggos Charity. The raffle operation was intended to honor a Brand AmbassaDOG who left pawprints on our hearts, Huckleberry. Huckleberry was a special needs doggo with spina bifida than many would have cast aside. But the founder of We Love Doggos Charity, Terry Williamson, took a chance on him and gave him his own set of wheels and a new outlook on life.


The We Love Doggos Charity team began by infiltrating our local and online communities to gain widespread support for the raffle and the paws behind the cause. We worked to ensure that the event wasn’t just about winning; it was about every single dog we could help in Huck’s honor after he crossed the rainbow bridge. Once we gathered top of the line prizes, we employed cutting-edge technology for ticket sales, tracking, and finally, selecting winners at random. We watched and waited for the participants’ contributions to roll in…


The community involvement in this critical mission was boundless. Terry Williamson himself hopped on Facebook Live to announce the winners and share more about the cause. He then hand-delivered a check to the Animal Pad in San Diego and evaluated how we could continue to help this dire situation on a continuous basis. With the support of the We Love Doggos Charity Hero Club, we are making a monthly contribution per month to sponsor doggos in their care. This ongoing contribution will serve as a much-needed financial boost to the rescue organization and the doggos that need it most. Thank you all of Huck’s Heroes who participated, and congratulations to all of the winners! 

Community Heroes In Action

Meet Nancy And Elise - The Dynamic Duo

Nancy Caley and Elise Von Borries are best friends and true professionals in the world of pet sitting, having spent several years informally fostering dogs. However, for the past few years, they took their fostering endeavors to the next level by formally fostering dogs for Speak for the Unspoken, a Central Ohio organization dedicated to the well-being of impaired or elderly dogs. During their tenure with Speak for the Unspoken, Nancy and Elise opened their hearts and homes to dogs that faced ... 

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During their tenure with Speak for the Unspoken, Nancy and Elise opened their hearts and homes to dogs that faced challenges in finding loving homes. These dogs were often either deaf or deeply traumatized due to neglect. Their commitment to caring for these special dogs, particularly the elderly and those with impairments, reflects their genuine love for these animals.

To date, Elise has rescued approximately 20 wonderful doggos, while Nancy has specialized in saving puppies, with a particular focus on deaf puppies, and has successfully welcomed around 32 dogs into her care.

This level of dedication and compassion is nothing short of remarkable, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Elise and Nancy for being true Heroes in Action!


Meet Abby and Grayson

In a heartwarming twist of fate, Grayson, a precious Pitbull puppy, found himself in a dire situation when he was thrown from a vehicle onto the interstate. Some kind-hearted heroes discovered him and brought him to the doggy daycare where they and Abby worked. When they rushed him to the vet, his examination revealed a troubled history – his cropped ears and burned nails suggested a potential connection to a fighting ring, and he was just a young puppy at the time.

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But, almost a year ago today, Abby and her family adopted him, and now they are just three classes away from achieving therapy certification. He faithfully follows them everywhere they go, bringing a dose of sweetness into their lives every day.

Grayson is Abby's only rescue, and he has an older sister, a sassy husky who makes sure he's good and will let Abby know if she thinks he's naughty. Grayson also has two human sisters named Teagan and Mia.

Grayson came into their life when the Opp family experienced a loss. He couldn't have come at a better time. He officially joined their family on Halloween of last year!

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