The Alaskan Puppy Bus Becomes A Viral Sensation

Get ready to meet Mo Thompson, the accidental dog-walker turned social media sensation! She may not have planned it, but her heartwarming videos of the adorable pups she cares for have taken TikTok by storm, with millions of views and counting. And it's not just any dog-walking routine that's got everyone talking. Brace yourself for the cuteness overload of the "puppy bus" - a genius way of transporting her furry friends that has everyone smiling from ear to ear!

"They're getting on the bus and they get in their seat, and the Internet just lost it," she said. "50 million views. That was wild."

Mo Thompson and her husband Lee are the dynamic duo behind this dog-walking and training business, and their adorable clients steal the show in their heartwarming videos. From group hikes to training sessions, Mo and Lee have created a pup paradise that will make you want to grab a leash and join in on the fun!

They start their day by picking up their furry friends from all around their charming hometown of Skagway, and then it's off to adventure! Trail walks, hikes, and swims are just a few of the activities these pups participate in, and their playful personalities and obedient manners will melt your heart.

"There's so many different dogs and there's so many different breeds and ages that there's plenty of dogs on the bus that you can relate to," Thompson said. "So people are like, 'Oh, my dog's like Lola,' or 'I'm like Carl.' They identify themselves, like, with the dog."

There are certain fan favorites, like Jake.

"Somebody made a comment about 'I bet you Jake buckles himself in,' " she said. "He gets on the bus, he says hi to his friends, he does a circle, and then he gets in his seat. 

Every morning, it's like the same thing. If he was a person, he'd be the kind that, like, has coffee and toast every morning for breakfast and reads the newspaper."

Or Amaru, who's shown in videos sitting out in the snow by himself and waiting for the bus to pull up:

"You pull up and he starts wagging his tail," Thomspon said.

"He gets on the bus just covered in snow."

Their popularity took the Thompsons by surprise.

Who knew that sharing daily updates with pup parents would turn into such a wildly successful social media sensation? Mo Thompson, the powerhouse behind Mo Mountain Mutts, certainly didn't! What began as a simple favor for pet parents quickly evolved into a thriving business and a social media phenomenon.

Before this became a business, it started out as just favors for her co-workers, as she didn't even have a dog of her own at the time. Mo Thompson's kind heart and love for furry friends led her to start taking her friend's dogs on fun adventures around town and on nature trails.

"It's just kind of a thing in our town where people walk each other's dogs. It's just like a really small, local community," Thompson said.

Not only did it provide the dogs with much-needed exercise, but it also gave Mo some much-appreciated company in the great outdoors. When Mo got her own dogs and started partnering up with friends, the groups grew and grew until it caught the attention of locals who needed help with their own pet's training and behavior. And that's how Mo Mountain Mutts was born - from a genuine love of dogs and a passion for helping others.

"And it just kind of turned into like, All right, guys, I'm going through a lot of treats and a lot of poop bags," she said.

"Can you guys, like, throw me some money?"

She didn't always have a bus. She used to cart the dogs around in a van, and before the van, she corralled them on a humble bicycle.

"I've been known in my community for a while, but not on the internet," she said. 

"That took the bus."

Check out all the Mo Mountain Mutts on TicTok.

Did you like the Puppy Bus? Let us know in the comments below.

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