Weekly Charity PUPdate - May Week 2

Greetings Doggo Lovers,

We hope you’re enjoying the weekly PUPdate’s! It’s our hope that they serve as a reminder of all the help you provide doggos in need across the nation.

This week, we wanted to share a story about a sweet husky puppy that you’re helping to support. This doggo was found alone and afraid outside of a food truck in Northern California.

He couldn’t walk, and onlookers were concerned. As fate would have it, someone called Cara, the founder of our affiliate non-profit The Underdog Railroad Transport. One of her volunteers rushed to the puppy’s aid.

Because they picked him up from the food truck, they PAWfectly named this puppy “ToGo.” 

ToGo is now in foster care with Cara herself, and is receiving some much needed TLC.

After going to the veterinarian, they learned that ToGo has a fractured femoral head (aka…the ball that joins the socket in the hip).

Next week, he’ll undergo a surgery to repair the damage and lead him down the road to recovery. ToGo, we love you!

Meanwhile, just last weekend, The Underdog Railroad transported 13 doggos out of harms way and into no-kill shelters in Utah and Montana. They sure know how to stay busy!

When discussing the latest transport mission, Cara said, “As it's getting harder to find fosters for pup's in need, we're getting creative. Tagging additional dogs along who go further, thanks to volunteer drivers, than we can. Transporting fewer dogs. Doing smaller leg transports. As long as pups are in need, we'll keep going.”

We want to send some gratitude out to our Hero Club Members for providing The Underdog Railroad with a monthly sponsorship to care for the doggos in need on the road. Cara says it best, “teamwork saves lives.”

Here's some photos from the transport mission: 

On behalf of baby ToGo, and the lucky 13 doggos on the way to finding their FURever homes, THANK YOU. The We Love Doggos community is making a difference with every mile. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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