Weekly Charity PUPdate - May Week 1

Greetings Doggo Lovers,

This weekly PUPdate is a cry for help on behalf of our affiliate shelter, The Animal Pad, in San Diego. We heard a story from them that you wouldn’t believe. 

Someone carelessly chained 42 dogs to shopping carts in Ensenada, Mexico. A number you’d have to see to believe. They are doing EVERYTHING in their power to move these dogs out of harms way; so far, they’ve transported 24 doggos. There is one caveat…


The shelter is overcapacity and they cannot bring any more dogs into their care without someone lending a paw. If you’re north of San Diego and are willing to open your home to an animal in need, now is the time. It hurts me deeply to think about “The Shopping Cart Dogs” stuck out in the sun with no way out.

Here’s the footage...

TRIGGER WARNING… you might feel enraged. 

Let us all harness those feelings and turn them into something good. 

Our community of doggo lovers could be just the thing to help.

YOU could play a big role in getting them out of harm’s way. Do you think you’re up for the task? 

Fill out this form, and we’ll reach out soon: Click or Tap Here

A VERY special congratulations to Guinness the dog! Guinness was one of our recent Lend A Paw Grant Awardees, and this sweet buddy had a total of 18 teeth removed!! His mama reported that he’s “back to eating and acting like himself” and sends her gratitude to the We Love Doggos Hero Club for helping her fur baby. 

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Guinness…WE LOVE YOU!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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