Weekly Charity PUPdate - March Week 3

Welcome To The Weekly Charity PUPdate

Wow! Tuesday was such a life changing day for We Love Doggos Charity.

Our executive director, Terry Williamson, and I went down to Ensenada, Mexico in partnership with The Animal Pad.

There, we were able to vaccinate 250 doggos thanks to our Hero Club Members!

It’s difficult to put into words how truly amazing it was to help the doggos and communities in need.

We were humbled by the hard work of the volunteers throughout the day and inspired to do even more! We’ll be doing a full talkback with Terry to share all of the incredible stories with you all in next week’s PUPdate… but for now, we want to shine a sPAWtlight on The Animal Pad’s latest greatest fundraiser happening THIS WEEKEND. 

This upcoming Sunday the 19th at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, The Animal Pad is hosting a VIRTUAL event! In a recent rescue mission, they rescued countless overbred doodle puppies, and wanted to get more information about their difficult past. So, they’re doing everything they can to get it!

On Sunday, you can tune in to this event and see a DOGGY PSYCHIC do readings on rescue dogs! As The Animal Pad put it, they’re “Getting in the Doodles’ Noodles.” We urge you to join us for this virtual fundraiser on behalf of The Animal Pad.

Tickets are only $25 and 100% of the proceeds will go back to the doggos in their care. Not to mention, you can enter a raffle for just $5 to win your own doggo psychic reading!

For tickets, tap here or visit:

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