Weekly Charity PUPdate - March Week 2

Mission PAWsible

Across the nation, the quantity of stray and rehomed doggos is on the rise. 

Whether its due to a difficult economy or simply human negligence, people are letting go of their beloved family pets. This has a direct effect on the shelters and how they are able to operate. 

At Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter, they do a lot of communication testing with doggos that arrive at their door without a cause. Will the dog respond to “sit and stay?” “Shake?” All of these commands build trust, and give the volunteers a better understanding of the dog’s previous life circumstances. 

Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter said “we would like to be available to owners as a resource center before anyone gets to the breaking point with their pet where they feel unable to keep them,” and I think every shelter in the nation would agree. 

If you’re having difficulty maintaining caring for your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local shelter to see if they have any resources that can help you. There are always sponsors like us here at We Love Doggos that they would happily connect you with to ensure you’re able to provide for your fuzzy companion. 

Project BARK-Yard (Mission Valley Animal Shelter)

We’ve got GRRREAT news in regards to the progress on Project BarkYard. Our team has been working diligently with the landscapers, and have set a new date for the appointment…this time, hopefully free of snow on the ground! Mission Lawn and Landscape will be meeting with the team over at Mission Valley Animal Shelter on March 21st, 2023!

Hopefully, this appointment to estimate the groundcover requirements will be the catalyst to completing this doggo meet and greet playground project by mid-may

We’ve been so eager to help the folks at Mission Valley Animal Shelter to provide their temPAWrary doggo residents with a little more space, and it seems that our moment to shine is just around the corner! We thank you for your patience as we wait out the winter weather.

The Animal Pad

It’s finally here! 

Our bags are packed, the vaccines have been ordered and THIS TUESDAY, our executive director, Terry Williamson, and I will be heading down to Baja California Mexico for our biggest initiative yet! 

We’ll be working with our affiliate shelter, The Animal Pad, to vaccinate 250 doggos! 

I imagine that it will be a mix of emotions. While we will feel fulfilled in helping that quantity of doggos, it is bittersweet knowing that this is the best long term health solution we can provide them in one sitting. 

Each of these doggos deserves a loving home, and it breaks our hearts that there is such an overpopulation problem. We are hopeful that this is one of many trips we’re able to take with the Animal Pad to ensure that every dog has a fighting chance at an incredible life.

We can’t wait to share our trip with you all in next week’s PUPdate!

Lend-A-Paw PUPdate - BIG NEWS!

Our FURst March Lend-A-Paw awardee has been notified. In honor of our Brand Ambassadoggo Ellie Pickle’s 7th Birthday this past week, we are giving back to another dog who shares her name…

Everyone meet Pikkles! 

This baby is a 9-month-old terrier mix whose mama applied to receive help with a required upcoming medical procedure. From one Pickle to another, Our Hero Club Members are RELISHing in the joy of supporting this doggo through our Lend-A-Paw program. We know how JARRING dog medical procedures can be on our wallets and our spirit, and we are so thrilled to be able to provide help to this sweet doggo, Pikkles.

To apply, visit: Lend-A-Paw Grant Application

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