Weekly Charity PUPdate - March Week 1

Mission PAWsible

The Mutty Gras Fundraiser over at Tobacco Valley Animal Center was a WILD SUCCESS! 

With countless auction items and a fantastic group of volunteers, it was one of their best events to date. 

Here’s a look into the event that you helped them to put on for the doggos in their care.

Special thanks to our Hero Club members for making it PAWsible for We Love Doggos to step in and help support their biggest annual fundraiser.

Up next, the We Love Doggos community is building a shaded area for the temPAWrary doggo residents at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter. 

We’re working to gather the dimensions in the next two weeks! 

From there, we will research the most optimal weatherproof shading unit for this PAWject. More to come in the coming weeks on this summertime shade initiative. 

Project BARK-Yard (Mission Valley Animal Shelter)

As we wait for the winter season to pass through Montana, Mission Valley Animal Shelter is still working diligently to support their rescue dogs and the community they serve. 

MVAS is excellent at providing resources for hoomans that need help as well! They have a community food program that allows for individuals to come to the shelter and pick up dog, cat, puppy, and kitten food free of charge. 

This is an incredibly generous program! Winter has been tough on the small town of Polson, and they are asking for pet food donations in order to continue helping the animals in need in their area. 

If you’d like to donate food, the shelter recommends purchasing pet food on Chewy.com or Amazon and sending it directly to their animal shelter.

The dog foods below are linked to Amazon.com just as a convenience to you. We do not collect any affiliate commissions from Amazon or the brands seen below.

Their preferred brands are:

Exclusive®, Loyall Life®, Taste of the Wild®, or Diamond Natural® brand dry cat and kitten food

Exclusive®, Loyall Life®, Taste of the Wild®, or Diamond Natural® brand dry dog food 

Loyall Life® Chicken Dry Puppy Food

Their Address is:

Mission Valley Animal Shelter

36251 N Reservoir Road

Polson, MT 59860

Thank you for your generosity in helping our partner shelters to function at maximum capacity!

The Animal Pad

Photo courtesy of The Animal Pad

As we get excited about vaccination mission to Mexico with The Animal Pad, we wanted to share with you all a little bit about a special doggo on their team. 

Summit, a doodle-mix, doggo was a part of what was described as a “deplorable” breeding situation in Baja California only 2 months ago. 

After rescuing over 100 dogs, The Animal Pad did their best to place them in foster care. 

The Animal Pad rescue mission manager, Lauren, said “A lot of these dogs were essentially feral, so unfortunately a handful were able to escape their foster homes after freshly joining our rescue.”

The doggos were terrified, and Summit stepped into action to rally the ones that had gotten away from their fosters and into harm’s way. 

Lauren stated that “She was instrumental in getting these dogs back, as they were so attached to one another, and Summit was the most outgoing dog of the group who really brought that out of the rest.” 

With Summit’s help, The Animal Pad was able to successfully recover all of the doggos that had escaped! We are so happy to share that they are all now living their best lives and adopted all thanks to Summit!

Here's some footage of the doodle rescue mission:


We are eager to help the street dog and overbreeding PUPulation down in Mexico in just two short weeks!

We’ll keep you posted as we get packed and ready to go!

Underdog Railroad

This side of rescue is not as warm and fuzzy as the content we usually provide you with…but it unfortunately happens all too often. 

This 8- to 10-month-old German Shepherd was found last night in Stockton, California. The poor baby had been shot.

It is heartbreaking to imagine someone being so cruel and violent with a puppy…or any dog for that matter.

The veterinarian said he had been out in the cold weather with a gunshot wound for at least 22 hours. 

Our community here at We Love Doggos jumped into action after receiving a call from The Underdog Railroad founder, Cara, and we were at the ready to send out a Dogg-O-Lert to you all to see who might be able to rescue or foster this bubba after his surgery. After all, Cara always says “teamwork saves lives.” 

Today, he underwent a surgery and unfortunately the damage was vast, and he crossed over the rainbow bridge later that day.

We are devastated to hear of his passing and are mourning this loss with the folks over at Underdog Railroad. The Hero Club sponsored donation to the Underdog Railroad each month ensures that we are able to step into these emergent situations and support doggos in extreme circumstances. 

We know stories like this are difficult, but it lights a fire in our bellies to advocate for at-risk doggos at a greater capacity. Stay tuned for actionable items to help us ensure that this doesn’t happen again…rest well, sweet doggo.

Lend-A-Paw PUPdate


Our 3rd Lend A Paw awardee has been notified and we are in the process of getting their doggo the help they need as soon as PAWsible and we’re moving into a brand-new application review process for the month of March.

Due to the extreme challenges presented in contacting winners this past month, we are changing up the application process to ensure that our grant applicants are legitimately requiring medical support for their doggos. 

This go round, we are requesting a short (30 seconds to 1 minute) video to share your doggos needs with our team. This will really help us to speed up our process of getting you the help you need.

To apply, visit: Lend-A-Paw Grant Application

🎊🎉🎊 Happy Birthday Ellie Pickles! 🎉🎊🎉

Time to end this Weekly PUPdate on a high note and wish our very own, We Love Doggos Charity Ambassa-doggo Ellie Pickles a Very Happy Birthday! 

Wish Ellie Pickles A Happy Birthday in the comments below.

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