Weekly Charity PUPdate - February Week 4

Mission PAWsible

Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter is just three days away from hosting their annual “Mutty Gras” fundraiser! 

We’re hard at work to ensure that they have the resources they need so that the event goes off without a hitch!

Winter Warmer Mutty Gras

Saturday, February 25, 2025 at 4 PM 

While we ensure that our donation gets through to them, we’re also working on our spring and summer initiatives over at TVAS. 

In January, our executive director went over to the shelter in Eureka, Montana, and awarded them title of 2023 Mission PAWsible Shelter of the Year! This title ensures that our Hero Club provides them the necessary facility upgrades to maximize doggo comfort and joy in their time there. 

Wendy, the shelter manager, has expressed how greatly they’ve needed a shaded area outside for the summer and we’re going to make it happen! We’re gathering the details (i.e., location, square footage, optimal weatherproof materials) to make this shaded area PAWsible for the temporary doggo residents this upcoming summer! 

Keep an eye out on updates and ways you can help our Hero Club advance this project even further.

Project BARK-Yard (Mission Valley Animal Shelter)

We were SO excited to share with you all our official start date for breaking ground on Project BARKyard, our doggo meet and greet playground overhaul at Mission Valley Animal Shelter. 

The landscape had intended to come by and measure the space and provide us with a kickoff date based around his recommended timeline.

UnFURtunately, a snowstorm blew into Montana last week and the landscaper had to cancel the meeting. It’s not really feasible to make a timeline when you can’t see the groundcover! 

It’s going to push our end of April/ Early May plans back, but we want it to be PAWfect. We’re scheduling a new meeting to keep the momentum going, and will check back in when we have a date!

Pictured together are Jesse our Brand Ambassador, and Delilah, one-half of our Brand Ambassadoggo's team. 

The Animal Pad

Photo courtesy of The Animal Pad

Last week, we expressed our excitement and passion for our upcoming travel to Baja California, Mexico, to vaccinate 250 doggos in PAWrtnership with The Animal Pad.

The tickets have been purchased, and the vaccines are being stocked for the mission on March 14th! It’s just a few weeks away now!

We recently found out about the most ADORABLE fundraiser at The Animal Pad…

trust me, your heart is going to burst with joy. 

The Animal Pad has a program they call the Puppy Party! 

For a small fee, they will bring their rescue doggos to your birthday, your wedding, and even your corporate event! All the funds go back to providing the rescue doggos in their care important medical support and quality care during their stay. 

Would you ever have a doggo PAWrty? 

To get The Animal Pad puppies at your next event, visit: https://theanimalpad.org/puppy-parties/ 

Underdog Railroad

We Love Doggos has been maintaining close contact with our transport affiliates over at the Underdog Railroad. 

Meet this cutie, Molly! 

The head of the non-profit, Cara, wants our members to know that “Molly says thank you!” 

She was on the dreaded euthanasia list for this past Sunday, and a foster stepped in at the last minute to save her life. Without our monthly sponsorship to the Underdog Railroad, this sweet German Shepherd may not have made it. 

Thank you, Heroes!

The quantity of doggos in shelters has been going up drastically throughout this winter season. In order to maximize the number of pets they can save, Cara says “[they’re] doing more, smaller trips and just keeping on fighting for the animals as best we can.” We are cheering The Underdog Railroad Transport on every step of the way; teamwork saves lives.

Lend-A-Paw Grants

We’re sifting through the finalists for our third and final Lend A Paw Award for the month of February. 

There are countless individuals reaching out for support, and our team here at We Love Doggos wants you to know that you are heard.

Our hearts go out to each and every individual that has applied and is struggling with the financial difficulties involved in caring for a doggo in need of a medical procedure.

If you aren’t selected this month, don’t you worry! We have three more opportunities each month to receive a $500 grant for your doggos care. We know how important your doggos are to you, and all of you are valued members of our community. 

As Roger Caras says,
“Dog’s aren’t there our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Haven’t applied for the Lend a Paw Program? Want to learn more? 

Visit: Lend-A-Paw Grant Application

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