Weekly Charity PUPdate - February 16, 2023

Welcome To The Weekly Charity PUPdate

Mission PAWsible

We Love Doggos is a proud sponsor of Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter in Eureka, Montana! This February, they are hosting their annual “Mutty PAW” event for the first time since 2019. 

This Mardi Gras themed event is one of their biggest fundraisers; all the proceeds go directly to the animals in their care. 

From vaccinations to dog food, this event crucial for their yearly success and it’s long overdue! When we stepped up to provide support, their shelter manager said, “It truly is an answered prayer and dream come true!”

Our Hero Club members are chipping in with a donation of $3,300.00 to ensure that this fundraiser is PAWsitively spectacular! 

We’re providing auction items, wellness supplements for the pets in their care, and supplies for the event (i.e., rental items, food, etc). 

 We’re excited to report back with news of their successful fundraiser. In the meantime, THANK YOU, HERO CLUB!!

Project BARK-Yard

Project BARKyard is an ongoing project that we’ve been working on with Mission Valley Animal Shelter in Ronan, Montana.

This underfunded and overcapacity shelter has a lot of room for growth. 

The first thing on their list was air conditioning, which, our We Love 

Doggos community quickly provided over the summer in 2022.

Next up on the list? A meet and greet playground for doggos to unite with their future families for the very FURst time.

This project is well underway; we’ve selected the weatherproof playground equipment and had our community vote on which surface to put in as ground cover.

The winner is…GRASS! There is nothing quite like greenery to inspire a welcoming and joyous environment. A landscaper is visiting Mission Valley this week to give us a quote for the space to fill, and to get Project BARKyard on their calendar for this upcoming Spring! We’re aiming (weather permitting) to break ground in late April or early May.

We’re hopeful that we’ll be reporting the project date to you in next week’s PUPdate! Stay tuned…

The Animal Pad


We have an official date for our vaccination mission to Baja California, Mexico, in partnership with The Animal Pad. Our executive director, Terry Williamson, and myself will be traveling down to Mexico on March 14th.

Our goal is to vaccinate 250 doggos! Just one vaccination against parvovirus, rabies, and distemper can increase these street doggos chance of survival by 70%.

Now that we have a date set with The Animal Pad staff, they’ll be ordering the large inventory of vaccines and medical supplies to ensure that we have more than enough for the doggos seeking care! 

This life saving initiative is made PAWsible all thanks to our February Fundraiser: Give Love a Shot! Our team here at We Love Doggos is very grateful for all who donated to this cause.

Underdog Railroad PUPdate

We Love Doggos Charity has always had a passion for sponsoring dog transport missions. We provide a monthly donation to the volunteer-based non-profit, The Underdog Railroad Transport!

They take doggos from high risk shelters in Northern California and move them to no-kill facilities in the Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and our home base, Montana!

The Underdog Railroad relies on us for their travel needs and we always deliver. They consistently rescue around 12-15 doggos per transport and give them the opportunity at finding a loving home out of harms way. Recently, Underdog Railroad was able to save this cute, Bonza!

How cute is he in his unicorn pajamas?!

The Underdog Railroad heavily relied on the Amazon Smiles Donation program to get some of the supplies they need for their cross-country trips…unfortunately, Amazon is cancelling this program on February 20th and a lot of our non-profit partners are nervous about the impact this will have on their yearly support. 

We want to help! 

Check back in the upcoming PUPdates for the Underdog Railroad Transport wish-list and how we can get them the items they so desperately need to keep their transport missions going!

Lend-A-Paw Grant Program

This application-based program is intended to help members of our community that may be financially impacted by their doggos medical difficulties. Here at We Love Doggos, we take care of our family, and if you’re reading this…that’s YOU. 

We are SO thrilled to announce the second winner of the We Love Doggos Lend-A-Paw Grant. 

Congratulations to this three-year-old German Shepherd Mix, Mia and her mama Christin. This doggo had surgery at the beginning of the month to remove a set of fatty tumors. 

When we hear tumor, we all assume the worst. But Mia’s mama, Christin, is doing everything she can to ensure that she has a long and happy life! Mia is recovering well from the surgery; her veterinarian said the prognosis is good! 

Christin said “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping with Mia's surgery. It helped a lot!” Mia, we love you! 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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