Meet Mia, Our Second Ever Lend-A-Paw Grant Awardee

We’re so thrilled to announced that we’ve selected our second ever Lend-A-Paw Grant Awardee! Meet Mia the dog!! 

This sweet three-year-old Shepherd Mix has had the short end of the stick. The poor doggo has a lot of fatty tumors, and her fur mama Christin is doing everything she can to help her young pup. 

Christin said, “Mia is still very much a puppy and is always on the go, so this has been really difficult for her.” She had one tumor removed in December, and on February 6th, got two more removed! 

Her prognosis is good and her mama mentioned that wearing the cone, she wants to run around and play.

Her mama expressed how much the Lend-A-Paw Grant would both aid of them. 

Christin said, “It would mean a chance of a longer life, she's only three and it would help me tremendously.” 

We all know how pricy these procedures are, and the We Love Doggos community stepped up to ensure that this bonded pair gets all the time they can get together no matter the cost.

Mia, we love you!

Here’s Mia’s other pack members, Sasha, Athena, and Shadow patiently waiting for her to recover. How heckin’ cute are they?!

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