We wanted to shed some light on Dr. Wolf’s latest patient, a sweet pittie mix named Sassy. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Wolf’s work, he is one of our latest monthly sponsorships! He runs Community Veterinary Care in Georgia, and takes on animal cases that are challenging for their hoomans to pay for. 

He’s a licensed retired veterinarian that gives his free time to the doggos that need it most, and in turn, the hoomans that benefit from his kind and giving nature. 

NOW...back to Sassy! This sweet gal came to Dr. Wolf with something called a pyometra; a uterus infection. YEEOUCH! Dr. Wolf was eager to help this sweet lady get out of pain fast, and performed the surgery with the support of We Love Doggos Charity! 

Sassy is recovering well, and will be comfortable and irritation free for the upcoming holidays season. 


25% of Today's Save A Dog Sunday Profits Will Be Donated To Dr. Wolf To Help Another Doggo Like Sassy!

Save An Additional 20% OFF Any Product Below With Code "SASSY20" At Checkout! 

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