Meet Maple!

by We Love Doggos on January 13, 2022

This fundraiser was incredibly personal to Ellie Pickles and Jesse. A devastating fire burned through Boulder County, Colorado over the holiday season; just two miles from where they live. 600 homes were burned to the ground and countless animals went missing. The animal shelters are doing everything they can to bring in the lost pets from the cold, and their humans won’t go a day without searching for them. Jesse personally got in her car to search the streets for displaced pets.

Maple was one of the lucky ones. Thanks to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s Emergency Safety Net, Maple was reunited with her family. The sweet doggo ran for miles and ended up in the humane society’s care. After days of calling, they finally located her family! Boulder Valley Humane Society has reunited countless pets, and for those that lost cherished family pets, they held a candlelight vigil in their memory.

We are so proud to have fundraised to support the Emergency Safety Net…their team went above and beyond to help families in need. The moments of joy as pets were reunited with their humans provided a light in a dark time for the Boulder County community. Maple, we love you!

Here's Maple after being reunited with her PAWrents:
Maple after being reunited with her PAWrents!

Humane Society of Boulder Valley's Marshall Fire Memorial Wall:


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