Man Buried Alive In The Snow Films His Own Rescue By A Heroic Doggo Named Flo

A heartwarming video of a dog saving a person has recently been shared by Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. This incredible footage captures the moment one of their highly trained rescue dogs comes to the aid of a volunteer buried in the snow during a training exercise. 

It's not every day we get to witness the powerful bond between man and dog in action, but this video is sure to put a smile on your face and warm your heart.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is an amazing organization that brings together an incredible team of dedicated trainers, specialists, and of course, heroic rescue dogs! 

These furry friends are expertly trained to track the scent of lost hikers and climbers in the mountains. 

The MRSDE website highlights how search dogs are taught to respond to any human scent they detect, whether pushed by the wind or air currents. It's inspiring to see how these dogs and their handlers work together to make sure that anyone in need of help is found safely and quickly.

Rescue dogs are truly amazing! They are trained to respond to any human scent they detect, and not just specific missing individuals. 

One of the shining stars of Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England, Flo, is a true testament to this. In the video below, you can see her putting in all her effort to dig down and rescue a volunteer during a training exercise where the volunteer buried himself in snow. 

It's a beautiful display of Flo's determination and training, showing how these rescue dogs truly make a difference in saving lives.

Original story, video and photos courtesy of Animal Families.

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