Ellie Pickles: The Brand AmbassaDOG

If you’ve been keeping up with We Love Doggos, you may have noticed one special doggo... Whether signing off in a video message, wishing you warm regards at the end of our daily emails, or in cartoon form on our logo, we thought it was high time we introduced you to our Brand AmbassaDOG…Meet Ellie Pickles!!

Ellie is a special-needs doggo that came to us by way of Bideawee Animal Shelter; one of the nation’s OLDEST dog rescue facilities located in Manhattan, New York. 

Our family saw her story in a weekly newsletter just like the one you received today. The email said that she had been rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama after being abandoned in the woods. 

The 6-month-old hound/collie mix had multiple medical setbacks; her knees were buckled, her feet were turned in, and her skull was deformed and caused daily seizures. 

We knew we had to help this doggo!!

We rushed over to meet her to see how we could contribute to her care and ensure that she found her FURever home…only to realize that we couldn’t leave the shelter without her.

As soon as we met her, it was love at FURst sight. With no experience with special-needs doggos, we decided to commit to getting her the support she needed. 

We adopted her that day, and our lives have been enriched by her presence for the past 7 years since!

It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies…poor Ellie girl has undergone 5 surgeries in total after uncovering an underlying collagen disorder in her joints. Nevertheless, she is as happy as can be, and resilient as heck! 

Ellie’s positive spirit a is a driving force in the We Love Doggos Charity team. No matter how difficult our experiences may be, we aim to show up for our community with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. 

Ellie’s progress despite her hardships ignited a flame in our family to make a greater impact. There are so many doggos out there just like her that need a little extra support in order to live a full and happy life. We Love Doggos Charity was founded in 2021, and we’re working around the clock to help rescue doggos in need. 

Our fundraising efforts go directly to:

• Supporting underfunded animal shelters

• Dog transport from high-risk shelters to no-kill shelters

• Funding medical needs for at-risk doggos

One doggo, Ellie Pickles, changed our lives. The ripple effect she has had on so many other doggos is awe-inspiring and we’ll continue to show up for doggos like her for as long as PAWsible.

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