a classic case of “What would you do”

This week’s Make Me Smile Monday is a classic case of “What would you do”. As doggo lovers, we all have big hearts; we are caring, compassionate, and giving. But what would you do if you were walking by an abandoned bus and heard yelping noises inside? Would you continue with your day or investigate further? 

In Melissa Geerlof’s case, she could not be a bystander to the potential hardship inside.

Melissa was walking home from the gym and heard a cry for help. She looked in the window and saw a Pitbull puppy had been locked inside and was begging to be set free. 

Melissa called the police and with the help of her boyfriend and some onlooking neighbors, she managed to get the window down to get a better idea of the doggo’s temperament. 

The puppy was as sweet as can be; the gratitude on pittie’s face was undeniable. She rested her head in Melissa’s hands as if saying “take me away from this.”

When the police finally arrived, the told Melissa that because they didn’t know who the Pitbull’s owner was, if he went to a shelter, they would have to put him down. 

After seeing the kind and loving personality of the puppy, Melissa could not stand the thought of this outcome. She sprung into action and decided that this dog was coming home with her.

The pittie is now home safe with Melissa and her boyfriend, and they’ve decided to call her Lexi! She is the sweetest and cuddliest little lady out there and upon watching videos of her, you can see how comfortable she is in her new home. 

While this story is a tear jerker, it makes us smile knowing that there are angels among us like Melissa and the neighbors that made it PAWsible for Lexi to have a new life. 

Not to mention, she even has a brother named Roadie! Life couldn’t be better for Lexi and she is taking advantage of all the adventures, snuggles, and snacks her new parents offer her. Lexi, we love you!

To follow along with Lexi’ story and find out ways to donate to her care, check out @melissageerlof on Tiktok!

The Rescue Story

Lexi PUPdate:

@melissageerlof Lexie update! THANK YOU for all of your support! Here is the full story of how she was found and what we’ve done so far. Let us know if you have any questions 🐾 ❤️ #dogsoftiktok#rescuedog#SavingLexie#BullTerrier♬ original sound - Melissa Geerlof

Lexi's Glowup:

@melissageerlof Look at this #glowup 🐶 we have a vet appointment tomorrow to see if Lexie’s skin is healed enough for her last round of shots and her spay! #SavingLexie#morph#dogsoftiktok#DogRescue#pitbullsoftiktok#bullterrier#Brooklyn♬ feeling - Official Sound Studio

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