Make Me Smile Monday Volume 7

Last week Hurricane Ian hit the west coast of Florida H-A-R-D! The destruction and loss of human (and animal) life was devastating.

We Love Doggos, our Hero Club and many members of our community made donations to several worthy charities involved with the clean-up, including 3 directly associated with animal rescue.

But, we want to do more. We want to highlight the Hooman Heroes and stories of courage in the face of adversity. This week’s Make Me Smile Monday is dedicated to them.

#1 - Abandoned Doggos Rescued By Local Hooman Heroes

#2 - News Reporter Helps Rescue a Dog From The Storm

#3 - Greater Birmingham Humane Society Rescues Over 40 Dogs from Hurricane Ian’s Path

#4 True To Life Rescue Dogs

#5 – Hurricane Hack: Fill A Kiddie Pool With Sod For Potty Breaks Out Of The Weather

So there you have it, proof that Doggos can be heroes too!

Have a doggone terrific week!

And since heart warming doggo images and stories make you smile, visiting our Super Doggos and Hooman Heroes page is a MUST.

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