Make Me Smile Monday Volume 13

Welcome back for another edition of Make Me Smile Monday where we try to brighten your day just a little with a few smiles to get the week started off right. Here are some service doggos doing their job (quite well) that will put a smile on your face and pride in your heart for these good boys and girls. 

Max protects his mom from a seizure she didn’t know was coming.

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The excited / accomplished faces of avalanche rescue dogs finding their “patient” buried in the snow during search drills.

rescue dogs training to find survivors

Griffin, Brittany’s loyal service dog, got his own honorary degree for helping her graduate. Such a good boy!

George the service dog gives his all for his sister, so the family thanks him with the ‘best day ever!

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Dunk, the super service Pitbull training to keep mom’s head from hitting the floor during a seizure.

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Hopefully by now, there’s a smile on your face and your heart is beaming with pride!

We salute all the super service doggos out there who make sure that we hoomans are protected, even if it’s from ourselves.

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