Wellness Wednesday - September 14, 2022

by We Love Doggos on September 13, 2022

Most of our Wellness Wednesday stories are about keeping our furry friends healthy. This week we are talking about the hoomans who care for them…

You probably know that Queen Elizabeth passed away recently. You might even know that she was a lifetime doggo lover. It wasn’t ANY type of doggo, however.

Queen Elizabeth IIShe loved corgis and was “Royal Mama” to over 30 of them during her 70-year reign, as many as 6 at one time!

Her intent was to stop bringing Corgi’s into the royal family in the mid 2010’s because she didn’t want to leave any of her doggos behind when she died.

But, when she received puppies as a gift from her son in 2021, she (like so many of us) couldn’t say no and welcomed her newest additions to the royal pack.

At the time of her passing she had 2 corgi’s, a corgi mix and a cocker spaniel. 

So, we were wondering, ”What will happen to the queen’s dogs now that she’s gone?”

Fortunately, her dogs will go to live with her son Prince Andrew and the former Duchess Sarah Ferguson in a $30M estate!

Photo Courtesy Of Today

What would happen to your doggos should you cross the rainbow bridge ahead of them?

This happened recently to Rocco, one of the special doggos. We found a home for him after he lost BOTH of his hoomans in the same week.

It will probably never happen to you or you have probably already made plans, but now would be a good time to discuss the topic with your friends and family on the rare chance that it does.

The peace of mind will be worth the few minutes of uncomfortableness discussing the topic.

Now…back to cool, fun, exciting, hilarious and educational doggo stuff! 

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by Patricia Langham on September 27, 2022

I love my dog she is months old a female Coco her name
I love dogs she’s very loving and I want her to be happy I’m 67 I’m so happy to be part of this site, thank you all for having me here.Patricia Langham.


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