Our Top Picks To Keep your Doggo Active and Healthy Throughout the Winter Season

Let’s face it... winter weather tends to cause inactivity for both hoomans and doggos alike. 

Folks prefer to snuggle up for a Netflix and Chill day rather than an outdoor adventure. We thought we’d share some activities that will get your pup up and moving despite the chilly weather!

Here are our top picks for doggo activities to do to get your doggo movin’ and groovin’ throughout the winter:

Image by Claire Diaz from Pixabay

1. Teach your doggo a new trick. 

Sometimes just the act of learning is an activity of its own. Whether it’s sit and lay down or shake, they are engaging their bodies and not sleeping the day away. Not to mention, you’ll have one heck of a party trick for your next dinner guests! 

Here’s our favorite tricks you can work on with your doggo and how to give it a whirl:

3 New Tricks to Teach Your Dog in the New Year

2. Find ways to remain active at home! 

Is your doggo a big-time chewer? Tie a rope onto a secure surface for a non-stop tug of war buddy. 

Do they like a certain treat? Play a round of hide and seek with some healthy doggo snacks (Our doggo LOVES frozen carrots and blueberries! Give it a whirl!).

3. Throw doggie booties and a coat on your doggo and take those dog walks seriously. 

We know it may be tough if your doggo is more of a sniffer or enjoys a snowy snack time, but be sure that the walks are active and not passive. If you have a sweet little chonker, it’s okay! 

Start small- we recommend 5-minute walks three times a day for one week. From there, add 5 minutes to each walk per week until your doggo is walking healthfully for up to an hour!  

If your doggo isn’t a big fan of winter booties, we highly recommend Mushers Secret; a salve to protect your doggos feet from salt and deicer that may be present out on the sidewalks. Check it out here: https://musherssecret.com/

4. How about a doggy play date with a FURiendly neighborhood doggo? 

Take the playtime inside the home for a round of tug of war, a wrestling match, or turn on some DogTV! How cute is this doggo squad watching TV together??

To learn more about DogTV, visit:


If you already have an active winter doggo, shake things up! 

Take them to the dog park a few more times this week, or if you’re feeling bold and have some fresh snow, try a Nordic ski day with your buddy! 

Both of you will be glad you did- your dog’s health goes hand-in-hand with what you do to make changes for them on a day-to-day basis. 

Our community of doggo lovers will be cheering you on every step of the way! Bork Bork!

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