Wellness Wednesday

October 12, 2022

Today is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

That sounds kind of glum, but not the way we’re celebrating it. That’s right, celebrating! Today we want to shine the spotlight on those good girls and boys who overcame obesity.

Scroll down and see the dramatic before and after photos of our Top 9 Favorite Doggos That Went From Chunky Chonker To Fit and Firm. Let’s celebrate these dogs today, and give some hope to all the doggos out there who just need a few more walks and a few less snackos.

#9 Shiloh lost 30 lbs in 3 months by going on more walks.

#8 Kayla, a former pizza addict, lost 37 lbs. by adjusting her diet. 

#7 Jack lost 14lbs and went from 45lbs to 31lbs in just 6 months.

#6 Shiloh lost 39 lbs and went from 114 lbs to 75 lbs

#5 Zeuss went from 107 lbs to 82 lbs in 10 months

#4 This Princess Went All The Way From 19 lbs to 8.2 lbs

#3 Like a brand new pup!

#2 This good boy lost 22 lbs in 10 months

#1 Doubling Down On Weight Loss!
Scarlet on the left lost 5 lbs, and Simba on the right lost 7 lbs, both in just 3 months!

Hopefully, we’ve raised some awareness for National Pet Obesity Day, and we thank you for celebrating with us.

If your doggo is on a journey to a more lean and fit doggo body, we have some good news for you: Exercise can now be tons of fun! Click here to see how.

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