Wellness Wednesday

November 16, 2022

Next week, most Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, a tradition that dates all the way back to 1621. That was the first time the American colonists and members from the Wampanoag tribe shared a harvest feast, and our modern day version is based on that event.

Now some 400 years later, Thanksgiving has evolved into something much different than it was originally celebrated, but it still includes getting together with family and friends for a feast of food. Say that 5 times really fast. 😀

To keep this feast safe, today we want to share with you the Top 10 Turkey Day Foods Safe For Your Doggo To Gobble Gobble. The foods on this tail waggin’ Thanksgiving doggo menu were shared with us by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Bring Fido and Daily Paws.


  • Smoked Salmon - Popular appetizer with hoomans and doggos.
  • Cheese (cheese plate / charcuterie) - Dogs love cheese, natural fact.
  • Bread - Not sure if your doggo would dig a dinner roll but they’re safe and that’s the point.

Main Course:

  • Turkey - Make no bones about it and make sure there’s no bones in it either.
  • Chicken - One of the best proteins you can feed your dog. No bones of course.


  • Sweet Potatoes - Serve boiled, steamed or baked and unseasoned.
  • Pumpkin & Butternut Squash - Serve roasted, steamed or pureed and unseasoned.
  • Green Beans - Plain and not in a green bean casserole


  • Frozen Yogurt - A tasty dose of nutrients and a sweet post-meal treat.
  • Apples - Full of vitamins A and C, making them a healthy Thanksgiving treat.

Here’s what our friends at PetHub say:

To celebrate the holiday with your doggo, you can prepare a special plate and avoid the disaster of them eating something they shouldn’t. When your guests arrive, simply ask them to refrain from giving your doggs(s) any food from their plate, and this year’s Thanksgiving feast will be more enjoyable for everyone.

If your doggo should happen to ingest something that could potentially harm them, you can reach out to the Pet Poison Helpline (https://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/) or a vet that’s available on holidays and after regular hours like Vetster.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you on the Turkey Day Doggo Trot. 

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