Doggo Debunked: Doggo Enrichment Activities and Puzzle Games

When we go to the pet store, there are ENDLESS options for doggo enrichment activities…it can be overwhelming to make a decision that is suitable for your furry best friend! In today’s Doggo Debunked, we’ll be exploring whether or not these food puzzles are really worth the investment.

It’s very important to consider your doggo’s favorite activities when making your selection; does your doggo like to play with toys or are they an expert level sniffer?

Enrichment preferences differ from dog to dog. According to research conducted by the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior, “dogs like to work for their food or other rewards, rather than receive them ‘for free’” (Todd, 2021). If this the case, implementing an enrichment toy is instant gratification for your doggo!

The addition of these food puzzles is also a great way to increase your doggos activity level. Especially in doggos on a diet, implementing more movement into the daily routine is pivotal. 

When Ellie Pickles (the We Love Doggos Brand AmbassaDOG) was recovering from surgery, her doggo Physical Therapist recommended implementing a licky mat to get a little more mobility while laying down; she worked her head and neck muscles to get all that good peanut butter off!

It's safe to say that doggo enrichment items are recommended for both mental and physical wellbeing! 

Here are some heckin’ awesome videos to make DIY food acquisition puzzles for your doggo at home:

Homemade Snuffle Mat:

Muffin Tin “Brain Game”

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Puzzle Game:

Want more ideas for fun crafts and activities for your doggo? 

Check out the book by Researcher Zazie Todd, PhD, entitled “Chew This Journal: An Activity Book for You and Your Dog”: 

What did you think about these super-easy games for your doggo? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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