A Hopeless Romantic Golden Retriever Finds Love Next Door

Every doggo has a special bond with its family, even if it takes time for them to develop trust and a feeling of safety. But what about those special FURiendships outside of the home? 

Sometimes doggos develop strong emotions for hoomans and pets outside of their own home. There are plenty of places to find a connection; the dog park, on a neighborhood walk, and sometimes, in your own backyard.

Meet this hopeless romantic golden retriever, Pax. Pax’s PAWrents started to notice that he would wake up every morning eager to get to the backyard…and not just for a potty break. 

Their neighbor had a doggo named Penny and their chemistry was undeniable! Pax would stare longingly at the neighbors backdoor in hopes of catching a glimpse of his lovely Penny.

After a big snowstorm rolled through their hometown, the doggos were separated for a full week. Penny seemed to be fearful of the snow and resisted visiting Pax. 

After their week apart, they reunited across the fence and have been inseparable ever since! They share toys across the fence, run laps together, and now have puppy playdates every week. The neighbors may giggle, but they’ve made it official and call each other “BoyFURiend and GirlFURiend.”

Check out the full video below and see their devotion to one another in real time:


We hope this love story gets you in the Valentine’s Day spirit! To keep up with Pax and Penny, follow them on Instagram at: @derpderppax

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Original story and images courtesy of Facebook and Instagram

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