Weekly Charity PUPdate - June Week 1

Greetings Doggo Lovers, 

This PUPdate fills our hearts with joy! This past March, a few We Love Doggos Charity team members ventured to Ensenada, Mexico, and worked along side The Animal Pad to vaccinate 250 doggos!! We worked so hard that day to change doggo lives- we even got to bring a few back to the USA for a better chance at finding a FURever home!

One of the dogs we bonded with on the international road trip was a 4-year-old sweetheart named Catalina. She snuggled right up to me in the van, and our executive director Terry even bought her a toy…her very first ever. She snuggled the whole drive back to The Animal Pad in San Diego.

It was devastating to have cuddled her for hours on end only to put her in a cage upon arrival at the rescue. I told Terry, “If this doggo is still here in 6 months, we’re gonna have to step in and take action.”

Well, folks, we received the most joyous news this week: CATALINA WAS ADOPTED!! 

This earth angel now goes by Mila and is happy and settled with her new family. Congratulations, Catalina!!!

News like this really keeps us motivated and passionate. If you’re interested in adoption, we’ve got rescue connections across the nation that would love for you to give them a chance! 

And if you really want to make a difference, check out this months featured adoptable doggo, Florence. This baby has overcome so much, and just like Catalina, is ready to be home. Our non-profit is waiving half of her adoption fee and covering her medication for the FURst year of her adoption.

Take a look at this lovely lady here:

Hi, I'm Florence.

 I’m a happy girl who just loves people. Everyone is a friend in my eyes! I will go up to anyone who pays attention to me and wait for pets. Once I get those sought-after pets, I’ll wag my tail and give endless kisses. 

 I love being next to my people more than anything, and I’ll make sure I’m by your side wherever you are in the house. I also love tummy rubs and going on walks to sniff around. I’m very curious, and I love to just sit and watch everything around me.  I definitely won’t think twice about going into a car or building if a door is left open! 

 Finally, I love treats and am very treat-motivated. I’m a great eater, and I thoroughly enjoy mealtimes. I don’t appear to have any separation anxiety but giving me some food and treats when you go out the door serves as a great distraction. Thankfully, I’m not destructive at all, so your shoes and furniture are safe when you are gone and putting me in a crate isn’t necessary.

If you're interested in helping Florence find her FUR-ever home, please complete the form below.

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