Weekly Charity PUPdate - June Week 1

Greetings Doggo Lovers,

It’s that time again for your weekly PUPdate! This week, I want to highlight our three pillars of success here at our family non-profit.

We Love Doggos Charity works diligently to:

  • Protect and advocate for doggos in need.
  • Provide support for overcapacity and underfunded shelters.
  • Provide medical funding to at risk doggos.

There’s one word in our core principles that continues to stir in my mind…overcapacity.

Since our establishment in 2020, there has been an influx of doggos in shelters and rescue facilities across the nation. While it seems that people thought it was “fun” to have a fuzzy pandemic puppy, it seems that folks have turned a cold shoulder to caring for their pets since going back to work.

This is a touchy subject; I’m certain that if you’re a We Love Doggos community member, reading this strikes a chord or lights a fire inside you.

What is there to be done about the careless nature of humans when they give up a doggo that they promised forever to? It brings tears to my eyes to consider how lost a family pet feels when they’re left at the shelter…

Our team here at We Love Doggos has decided that it’s time to get hands-on with the doggos that have been the longest term residence at our charity partners facilities. We will be waiving adoption fees for these forgotten FURiends in a new initiative to free up space in shelters across the nation. We’ll start with our charity affiliates at The Animal Pad in San Diego California!

We only ask one thing…if you see it, share it!

Sometimes word of mouth is life saving in the digital age. If you’re unable to adopt one of these doggos that we spotlight each week, we ask that you send it to your friends and family.

We won’t rest until each long term resident finds their FURever home.

Below you'll see 4 of these long term residents that would make excellent companions for anyone willing to give them a chance. Tap each photo to view more info about that doggo, or tap here to see the extended list of eligible doggos. 


Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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