Weekly Charity PUPdate - April Week 3

Greetings Doggo Lovers,

We have some HECKIN’ good news to report in this weeks PUPdate.

Do ya’ll remember Nipsey?

It’s been a while…but in October of 2022, our community sponsored the adoption of this sweet doggo through the incredible non-profit, MAMCO: Mama’s and Mutts Rescue of Colorado!

This rescue network ensures that pregnant doggos in high-risk shelters are put into foster homes in order to carry their puppies to full term in a safe and nurturing environment.

All of Nipsey’s littermates had already been adopted and it was starting to seem as if no hope was on the horizon. Not only was he one of the bigger littermates, he was exhibiting behavioral signs of kennel anxiety and was beginning to act out.

Our Hero Club Members stepped in to ensure that this baby got the life he deserves! How can you resist a face like this?

We are proud to announce that 7 months later, Nipsey is THRIVING! He just graduated puppy school and completed his behavioral training with flying colors. How cute is he in his little graduation cap?!

Let this serve as a reminder that EVERY doggo deserves a chance. A little patience, the right home environment, and a supportive team knows no bounds. He’s now nearly 60lbs and quite literally biggest bundle of love out there!

Here's Nipsey and his owner; he’s so well behaved that he gets to go to work a few times per week! If that isn’t a doggo success story, I don’t know what is!

Nipsey’s owner expressed so much gratitude towards the We Love Doggos Community of givers. He said “It wouldn’t and COULDN’T have happened without you. I’m so proud of him!” And trust us, we are too. 

Congratulations Nipsey! It has been our pleasure to watch you grow. 

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