Update From The Underdog Railroad

We wanted to take a little time to show you just how far your membership goes to directly impacting doggos. By sponsoring The Underdog Railroad Transport missions, we ensure that the dedicated volunteers spend less time fundraising and more time saving precious doggos!

Recently, Cara, The Underdog Railroad Transport Founder, and her husband drove five at-risk doggos from California to Utah. While it was a smaller transport, these doggos had to get out as soon as PAWsible for their own safety. Take a look at these babies that were given a chance, all thanks to you:

Two of these babies were pulled directly from the shelter en route to salvation. The black pitbull mix seen in the photo above is just a puppy…he was in the shelter for 17 days and was struggling with shelter anxiety and a decrease in social skills. 

For a young pup like this buddy, another 17 days would have been detrimental to the potential of him building the confidence and trust to ever find a hooman connection. 

Meanwhile, the Shephard Malinois was closing herself off due to the noisy shelter environment, thus putting herself at risk.

Others on the transport, like the sweet husky and the shepherd puppy, were found wandering the streets and were looking hitch a ride to a place with ample food, water, and shelter.

Shelters across the country are faced with the challenge of being overcapacity, and getting five doggos out of harms way can make all the difference in providing space and opportunities for other doggos to find their FURever homes.

As Cara says, “teamwork saves lives,” and we truly believe that our Hero Club members are the glue that binds our rescue support team together.

We'd love to know your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below.

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