Taking Action Against Animal Cruelty: The Horrific Procedure Knows As Debarking

We Love Doggos Charity has 3 main principles that we work to uphold and protecting and advocating for doggos in need is number one

Today, we have to tell you about a very controversial procedure that we’ve become aware of…debarking.

Debarking (also called devocalization or bark softening) is a procedure that is done on a doggos vocal cords to remove their ability to make sound, thus destroying their ability to communicate. The poor pups are left with a muted and muffled tone that’s barely audible. 

Not to mention the numerous health complications that may co-occur with this procedure…

Could you IMAGINE if this procedure was done on humans? It would be a HUGE controversy and be considered completely unethical. Everyone, whether doggo or human, deserves a voice.

Whether this is your first-time hearing about this procedure, or something you’re somewhat familiar with, we always feel like a visual is most helpful to fulling grasping new concepts. 

Meet Watson the Corgi! Watson’s mama rescued him just two short weeks after his cords were operated on. She is using his story to raise awareness about the cruelty of debarking and how it has affected his daily life. Instead of barking to communicate his feelings, Watson has begun biting to get someone’s attention…you can imagine what kind of challenges this creates in social settings. 

Take a look at his story below:

@teresa_jack Sharing Watson’s Story. END DOG DEBARKING! Don’t patronize veterinarians who provide this service! His life changed forever because people made a choice that wasn’t in his best interest and then abandoned him. #dogs#veterinarian#dogsoftiktok#rescuedog#debarkingpuppies#debarking#dogdevocalization#trauma#animalshelter#doglover♬ Sad Music - Max-Music

Watson’s journey is just one of many examples of how debarking can impact a doggos life. Instead, omitting barking could be accomplished with the proper training tools and a bit of patience. Dr. Kelley Thieman, a clinical professor at Texas A&M’s Veterinary Medical Program, shares these non-invasive options for the more boisterous doggos in the bunch:

“No-bark collars, which discharge citronella spray or even a static shock in response to barking, are also available…however, I think that obedience training combined with exercise and fun dog activities are great options for controlling excessive barking” (2014).

If you’d like to sign the petition made by Watson’s mama to prohibit debarking procedures in the state of Utah, visit:https://chng.it/ZmZxs868Qj 

If the petition reaches enough people, “Watson’s Law” will be signed into Utah State Law! 

We urge you to read through it and consider taking action; together, we will be the voice for those who cannot speak. 

We'd love to know your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below.


“Alternatives to Debarking Surgery.” CVMBS News, 10 Apr. 2014, vetmed.tamu.edu/news/pet-talk/alternatives-to-debarking-surgery/.

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