Dogs are effortlessly funny. You gaze away for one second, and when you look back at them, you're in tears laughing over the goofy new thing they're doing.  Of course, you can't forget to take a picture! Is there a better way to lighten up a dull day than by taking a look at some of these moments? We don't think so!

At We Love Doggos, we value every dog PAW and their PAWrents. It's our mission to protect the precious human-animal bond and to encourage others in building a community that cherishes dogs. Thanks to many people who shared photos of their dogs doing hilarious things, the subreddit named r/AnimalsBeingDerps shows how dogs are, well, dogs! Scroll down below to see these dogs are being total derps - in a good way! 

Images & Article courtesy of Awesome Inventions

Without further ado, let's get into the meme-worthy photos!

1. Ctrl C + Ctrl V.

2. Didn't Know Dogs Could Camouflage. 

4. Twinning Yoga Poses.

5. Is This What They Call 'Couch Potato'?

Image Credit: porygratoke via Reddit

6. Everyone Had A Great Lunch.

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7. Jumped Just In Time!

8. Who Says Dogs Can't Slay Photoshoots?

9. Guard Dog Chose To Guard His Sleep Rather Than The Store From A Staged Robbery. 

Image Credit: CampbellxEmma via Twitter



10. C-cat?

11. You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine... You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey!

Image Credit: I-Like-Pickaxes via Reddit

12. Portable Dog Flap.

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Images & Article courtesy of Awesome Invention