Best In Show - 4/27/24

A Day of Redemption For 24 Lucky Doggos

Early last Friday morning our Packo Leader, Terry Williamson, and Cara, the Conductor of The Underdog Railroad, loaded up the van outside a kill shelter in Stockton, California with 24 eager doggos. It was an exciting journey filled with hope and wagging tails as they made a life-changing difference for these furry friends.

The Best Compact Size Passengers

Onboard Freedom Ride #23, we have some extra special passengers stealing the spotlight: 8 absolutely adorable puppies! These little furballs, along with their loving mama Clementine, were part of our life-saving journey. With wagging tails and playful energy, these tiny pups brought joy and hope to our ride.

The Best Last Minute Life-Saving Rescue 

Meet Brisket and learn how he was able to punch his ticket at the last minute (hours before euthanization) and climb board Freedom Ride #23 headed for his new life. 

The Best Day Ever

Reflecting on Freedom Ride #23, the exhaustion was undeniable, but so was the overwhelming sense of fulfillment knowing that we were making a tangible difference in the lives of these 24 dogs fuels our spirits. Finally, as I sat in a quiet hotel room with Moo Moo, one of the precious dogs on this journey, there was a feeling of peace and contentment.