Simon The "Big Bubba" Tripod Bully Gets His Miracle

Doggos with special needs really set them aPAWrt from the pack, but their resilience and ability to raise above their circumstances will always make us smile here at We Love Doggos! We recently stumbled upon this big bubba, Simon the Tripod Bully!

This sweet pitbull was on the euthanasia list when two incredible hoomans stepped up to foster him. They already had a rescue pitbull named Bub, and were worried that they might have difficulty getting along due to their lack of socialization and training in years past. 

As soon as Bub and Simon met, they were bonded for life! It was a Timon and Pumba kind of friendship- equal parts natural and comical. Bub’s PAWrents knew that they couldn’t stand to let Simon go, and opted to adopt him into their home.

After reacclimating to his new and loving life outside of the shelter, Simon unfortunately had another brush with death; he was diagnosed with bone cancer and his health rapidly declined. 

His hoomans were shocked. 

They did everything they could to help him recover, and eventually were faced with a decision no dog owner ever wants to have to make: they were going to have to put him down for his well being.

After endless tears and a night of snuggles, his owners took him to the veterinarian…Simon’s eyes lit up as if to say “I’m not ready yet.” 

The veterinarian looked him over and told his parents that a miracle had occurred…Simon’s health had drastically improved since his last visit! 

From that day on, Simon began to gain strength and nearly made a full recovery. Aside from losing feeling in his hind leg, he was fit as a fiddle!

Now, Simon is the most loveable three-legged doggo you’ll ever see. He has defied the odds, and come out stronger; a lesson we could all learn from his story. 

Check out this guy on ski’s!!

His parents hope to share Simon and Bub’s story in order to raise awareness for the bully’s that aren’t so lucky…the one’s still on the dreaded list. 

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