Meet Clementine!

by We Love Doggos on January 13, 2022

We Love Doggos has been sponsoring a sweet and energetic doggo rescued in Ronan, Montana at Mission Valley Animal Shelter! Clementine is only 3 years old but will be on heartworm medicine for the rest of her life…and not just the preventative type of medicine either. She is an top tier cuddler and lover, and we wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of her adoption. So, thanks to your support, we were able to waive her adoption fee and will support her medication costs for LIFE!

As soon as we provided the shelter and Clementine with this open door, someone walked through. In less than a week, Clementine was adopted and spent the holidays in the comfort of FURever home.

At We Love Doggos, we believe that saving and supporting go hand-in-hand. Whether rescuing a high-risk doggo, or providing a lifetime of care, we are going to be there for the dogs that need it most.

Clementine, we love you!


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