Doggo Of The Week - Lil Bitz

by We Love Doggos on September 22, 2022

Meet Lil Bitz.

Bitzy (as she's affectionately known) found her way home with Jerry T., one of our We Love Doggos community members about 3 years ago.

Lil Bitz was adopted from Wright-Way Rescue Shelter in Murpheysboro, Illinois, and according to Jerry, she is one in a thousand.

Lil Bitz has a super power...

Bitzy has the ability to sniff out medical issues, and she warns her hoomans when something is wrong, or about to go wrong.

For example, Bitzy alerts Jerry when his blood sugar starts to drop and she also gives Jerry's wife a heads up on her oncoming migraines.

Bitzy is such an amazing doggo and she is the perfect companion for Jerry and his wife.

And to think, everybody visiting the rescue passed her up for months saying she was too ugly. 

Their mistake!

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