Featured Doggo - Meet Millie The Mini Mutt

This doggo is SURE to set your heart a flutter. 

Meet Millie! She was transported with the Underdog Railroad months ago and is still up for adoption over at High Sierra Lifeline K9 Rescue in Nevada

Millie is some kind of Corgi/Terrier Mix and very petite! 

The shelter staff at High Sierra say there are too many great qualities about this one-year-old doggo to count…but we’ll give it a try:

1) She is crate trained already!

2) Millie has undergone basic obedience training.

3) She would excel with agility courses and would be a great running companion.

4) Millie likes kitties and hoomans alike!

5) She’s an “adventurous spitfire” ready to come home with you ASAP.

Do you think this sounds like your dream dog? She’s pretty hard to resist…I mean, just look at that heart-shaped nose…

We hope you’ll to consider adopting Millie the Mini Mutt! 

To contact High Sierra Lifeline K9 Rescue, visit: https://www.highsierralifeline.org/adopt 

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