Cheech The Little Rescue Dog Gets Adopted Thanks To His Million Dollar Smile

It's no surprise that dogs are highly intelligent creatures, but they never fail to disappoint with their intelligent ingenuity. 

Many doggos currently inhabiting animal shelters seem to pick-up on human behaviors, and can deploy a variety of tricks to put their best paw forward to potential new hooman owners. 

Some doggos resort to some pretty unusual tricks, while others just happily wag their tail, trying to charm and attract the attention of visitors to the shelter.

The super-clever doggo in this story happens to be named Cheech, and 2-year old mixed breed who found a new home using his charming smile.

Cheech was picked up on the streets of Texas and taken to a local shelter by volunteers. 

Over time, the staff of the animal shelter began to notice that Cheech began to make a strange expression on his face every time someone approached his cage.

"When I first saw his smile, I immediately called my colleagues to come take a look."

At first they thought Cheech was just grinning or snarling, but "he was more friendly than ever," recalls shelter director, Leah Sipe.

Leah took several photos of Cheech and posted them on the shelter's official Facebook page, where they quickly went viral.

People everywhere were enamored with Cheech's charming smile, and many of them wanted to take him home!

"I am sold!" - different people wrote in the comments.

After considering all the proposals, volunteers and employees of the shelter helped Cheech find a new family.

Cheech's new mom is a woman named Carrie. One of her dogs died the day before. And the second one, Dusty, could not cope with the loss of her friend.

When Carrie and Dusty first met Cheech, it was immediately clear to everyone that the three would get along just fine.

It's great that such an unusual feature helped the charming Cheech find his new fur-ever home. 

Original story and images courtesy of Very Interesting

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