Doggo Of The Week - Auburn

by We Love Doggos on September 08, 2022
Dogg-O-Lert Auburn12 days ago.

That's when we issued a Dogg-O-Lert in a desperate attempt to save a very sweet doggo trapped in a kill shelter.

Sadly, it looked as though Auburn had reached the end of the line.

When our team got word of this, we decided there's no way we could let this happen!

So... we reached out to 480,000 doggo lovers in our community, set up a special page on our website, and sent out 60,000 emails in an attempt to save this sweet girl.

And guess what?!

It worked!!!

Thanks to you, our Hooman Hero community, Auburn has been re-located and is currently resting and recovering.

Auburn Saved Doggo Of The Week


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