A "Happily Ever After" Ending For a Sweet Amputee Named Cupid

What a week it has been here at We Love Doggos Charity! 

We’re amped up for a FUReakin’ awesome year ahead. We’re off to a great start and wanted totell you a little story about a recent rescue success.

Meet Cupid!This doggo was in and out of the Stockton Shelter time and time again and the staff could not understand why. 

Upon being returned the second time, poor Cupid had a broken shoulder socket. After speaking with an orthopedic surgeon, it was determined that the best course of action was to amputate her leg. 

It was a difficult decision, but would ultimately lead to the happiest and most pain-free life PAWsible for the sweet doggo.

After a successful surgery, it was time for Cupid to find her FUR-ever home. 

Our affiliate non-profit, The Underdog Railroad, had a family friend that fell in love with her on the spot. Their bond was immediate, and we are so thrilled to announce that Cupid has found a safe place to call home for good this time. 

Cupid, we love you!!

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