Top 10 Most PAWpular Doggo Names Of 2023 

Whether inspired by a movie, a celebrity, or a popular novel, there are many ways that names gain popularity amongst dog owners. Much like baby names, names have a hierarchy year after year. 

The American Kennel Club recently released this year’s most PAWular dog names, and we wanted to see if YOURS made the list!

For our snuggly girls at home, the top five most popular female dog names of 2023 are… (drumroll please)…

1) Luna

2) Bella

3) Daisy

4) Lucy

5) Willow

Awoo! Those are some HECKIN’ CUTE names! Are you ready for the top five good boy names of 2023? Well, here they are…

1) Max

2) Milo

3) Cooper

4) Charlie

5) Teddy

Ellie Pickles has three FURiends whose names made the list! 

Here’s a photo of Ellie and one of her besties, Willow Woof!

Did your favorite doggo name make the list? What names should have been included? Let us know in the comments below.


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