Sniffing - The Doggo Superpower Explained

It’s fairly common knowledge that doggos have a heightened sense of smell…in fact, it’s been recorded that their nose sensitivity is 100,000 times stronger than that of a humans

Just put yourself in their shoes for one second…imagine how intense bacon would smell! If your mouth is watering, you’re experiencing just an ounce of what your doggo feels every time you cook brunch for your friends or family.

So how does it work? How are their sniffers so sensitive? Well, let us share some info.

First, their wet and porous noses capture any scents in the air. From there, your doggo’s superpower kicks in! Did you know that they’re able to process smells separately in each of their nostrils? This aids in locating the item in which they’re smelling and leads them down the path to finding the source. Additionally, they can breathe and sniff at the same time using those sweet little openings on the sides of their nose:

According to Ted-Ed, the area of our brain dedicated to all things smell-related, the olfactory system, takes up a lot more brain space in doggos than in humans (2016). This means that doggos can even smell things not visible to the human eye, like our hormones! 

No wonder they’re able to quickly pick up on our emotional change so quickly throughout the day…

It is truly miraculous how one of their senses gives them a completely different outlook on life than us; it makes the world so much more vivid and beautiful from their prospective! To watch the complete Ted-ED scientific breakdown of your doggo’s superpower, watch the video below.


“How Do Dogs “See” with Their Noses? - Alexandra Horowitz.”

Photos courtesy of Miranda and Jade From Pixabay

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