Farrah Gets A Second Chance

by We Love Doggos on August 04, 2022

Farrah's Second Chance

Meet Farrah!

This sweet baby was discarded by her previous owners; they were upset that she was a picky eater. In reality, the shelter discovered that she struggled to process her food. The sweet Saint Bernard should have been about 80lbs and weighed in at 52lbs.

We Love Doggos could see that there was hope for Farrah.

We Love Doggos worked tirelessly to provide support for this sweet doggo such as helping the shelter cover the veterinary expenses to get to the bottom of her medical condition so that she could find her way to her FURever home with a full belly!

It is our pleasure to announce that Sweet Farrah the St. Bernard is finally gaining some weight! After her new veterinarian discovered that she had a stomach enzyme deficiency, she has been placed on a specialty diet in order to help her recover.

Farrah And MommoThe 6 small pounds that she put on last week equates to so much more; knowledge that Farrah will be okay. We Love Doggos offered to pay for Farrah’s enzyme supplement for life, and as soon as her medical mystery was solved, Farrah was adopted by a patient and loving hooman hero!

This story is a miracle and a reminder that every doggo deserves a second chance. We Love Doggos serves to turn crappy into happy for doggos in need by advocating for homeless doggos, providing medical costs for at-risk doggos, and offering support to the shelters that need it most. Farrah, we love you!

Post your well wishes to Farrah in the comments below.

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by Gail Cline Schulman on September 16, 2022

Thank you very much for rescuing this
Sweetie the St.Bernard !
God bless you for stepping up !

by Cindy M on August 07, 2022

Good to know that sweet baby got the home she deserves.

by Karen on August 07, 2022

Awwww. I am so grateful that this beautiful dog will be healthy and loved, not hungry and dumped.

by Christine on August 05, 2022

Sweet Farrah, so happy for you! Give your new hooman a kiss!

by Renee Romano on August 04, 2022

I am so glad that the vets were able to diagnose her issue and know the solution. She is just a beautiful dog and has apparently found a loving and happy home. May Farrah and her owner have many more happy years together.

by joan on August 04, 2022

So glad Farrah found a forever home where she will get loved every day!

by Lou Wolf on August 04, 2022

So glad to hear this sweet beautiful girl is going to be okay and has found a loving home. My border collie Buddy was abandoned on our road 5 years ago because he has epilepsy so I get it. Keep get better pretty girl and have a good life!

by Sharon Ducharme on August 04, 2022

Omg she is so beautiful! That face, melt my heart! So happy that it was found what was causing her not to eat, and that she is doing well! Best of all one lucky human got to adopt her! She sure looks and sounds like a special furbaby! Best to you Farrah!❤️

by Patricia Ann Bell on August 04, 2022

There is always a way to solve or make better an issue. This is proof of just that. You dont have to get a pet. Especially if you don’t have Patience. We need to stop the madness with pet care and pet ownership. Bravo Farrah❤️🙏🏼🦴🐾🦴💤

by Dianne Baldwin on August 04, 2022

Well it looks to me that Ms,Farrah Loves Water,, and I’m thinking she is gonna be a Big girl which is fine… Where is she Located???


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