18 Heartwarming Photos of Adopted Dogs Coming Home For The First Time

by We Love Doggos on July 02, 2022

At We Love Doggos, we believe EVERY dog deserves a home. We wanted to share this extremely heartwarming list of doggos coming home to their FUREVER homes for the first time! 

Without further ado, let's get into the warm and fuzzy photos!

1. "You're all the view I need."

2. Safe at last.

3. "All this and I get a cool basket?"

4. When you know you're the good boy.

5. Surprise!

6. This might be the cutest puppy ever.

7. Welcome to the family.

8. Love bug.

9. Look at those little paws!

10. "I could get used to this car ride thing."

11. "Why am I not already in your lap?"

12. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

13. Reality is still sinking in.

14. Settling in fine.

15. "Best. Bed. Ever."

16. "This human is mine now."

17. Congrats on your new best friend.

18. Road trip buddies fur life!

Thanks for making it through the list! Who are we?
We Love Doggos is a Montana based, registered charity (501c3), and was founded because of one thing... 5,500. What does this even mean? We were shocked when we learned about the number...

 5,500 shelter dogs are euthanized in U.S Shelters... EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Let us do the math for you... That's 2,000,000 dogs each year.

 How many of them deserved to live and be loved? 100... Not one hundred dogs. One hundred PERCENT... ALL. THE. DOGS.

 We launched our charity based on a mutual family passion for animal rescue. In 2016, our family adopted Ellie Pickles, a special needs pup from Bideawee Animal Shelter. We found not only a new best friend, but we discovered a passion for dog rescue as well. Our lives were changed forever when we discovered how precious each of these shelter dogs were... We wish we could have brought them all home. Instead, we searched for the best way to help dogs across the nation not only survive, but to thrive.

This is our fight. This is why we exist. To Save All The Dogs.

We stand to protect and advocate for companion dogs in need and to build a human community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond.

Every purchase made through our We Love Doggos Shop saves dogs.

Helping good causes doesn't always have to be one way only.

Go ahead and show the world now how you love doggos, by treating yourself to some of our products and still enjoy that feeling of accomplishment, knowing that...

You’ll also be saving dog lives at the same time!

Tap Here to shop the full We Love Doggos Store!

Images & Article courtesy of Cuteness.com

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by Elaine on July 26, 2022

Love the pics

by Barbara Munoz on July 26, 2022

Oh my gosh so glad they all got new homes. ❤🐶

by shari on July 26, 2022

oh my goodness ,such sweet babys my pick is 13 ,but they all are so cute ,12 is good because ive had pomachis and that little guy will not trust for a while, trust will come slow

by Karla on July 26, 2022

They are. All so beautiful they look so happy to have people love them and be a new home!!!

by IVIS Chavarria on July 26, 2022

All of them are beautiful! And I’m happy all of them have a sweet home .

by Mary Johnson on July 26, 2022

I seen these beautiful pups 1, 6,12 ,15 were just the cutese all dogs are adorable and deserve love companionship, a warm home to be taken care of. I lost my Chihuahua of 3 yrs I haven’t been able to get another because of disappointment, let downs lies about the animals just complete let down.but this warms my heart these beautiful dog s get a chance. Thank you for what you do. God bless!💙🙏✝️🧚‍♀️

by Pamela Randell on July 26, 2022

I couldnt chose because they all looked so happy and loved.So I chose them all because they all deserve to be loved and a family to love and take care of them.God Bless them all Happy Dogs Now

by Norma lane on July 26, 2022

They r beauitful babies awesome that they found homes By od bless everyone

by DEBRA on July 26, 2022

that is so great that them babies fond good home’s i wish that they all could go to good loving home’s .

by Leslie Rhodes on July 26, 2022

I like #10

by Jody Ward on July 26, 2022

I love all the pictures. I really love #1s blue eye

by Jeanne on July 26, 2022

I loved all the dogs.

by Laurie Storm on July 26, 2022

I love all the special babies, but I think number 1 is my favorite.
My dog Shadow is adopted too, she is my special baby and I love her so much. She completely made my life complete. And makes me laugh daily.

by marsha a descheneau on July 26, 2022

so happy you have saved all these dogs there are so many more out there hope we all can save them some day should not have kill shelters thats animal abuse to me

by Ronda J Reynolds on July 26, 2022

I love them all but 11 Is so cute

by Beatrice Hamlin on July 26, 2022

All Adorable Babies So Happy They Have Loving Homes .

by Angela Tritschler on July 26, 2022

Precious made my day

by Ortha on July 26, 2022

I love what you do every dog deserves a safe loving caring home
Can you please send me your address so that I can donate to you?
I am a widow and on a fixed income but I can help hopefully a little bit
I have a furbaby she’s my life
She’s going to be 8 in August
She was born in my 3 BR mobile home that I used to own but had to sell and move where I could afford to live
She mixed of Chichiaua and Pomeranian and looks like a Pomeranian
I need to get her trimmed and I can barely afford it this month but I have to do it she desperately needs it because of it being summer
I would love to send you a picture but I’m not sure if you want to see her
Anyway keep up the awesome and great work you are doing
God Bless All Of You and my heart filled Thank You

by Czerena Echols on July 26, 2022

They are all Soo precious!!

by Rosemary on July 26, 2022


by Gina iacobelli on July 26, 2022

11 the cutest

by Nancy Ward on July 26, 2022

Love all the dogs that are adopted ❤️ I got my dog from the dog shelter his name is Jack


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