Make Me Smile Monday Volume 9

Today’s Make Me Smile Monday is full of both smiles and education.

Obviously we want to make you smile, but we also want to help you understand the internet’s favorite way of speaking for your doggo, in what’s referred to as Doggo Lingo or Doggo Speak. Doggo is actually doggo lingo for dog, a fren is a friend and henlo is an affectionate way of saying hello. Now that you’re up to speed, let’s look at some other doggo lingo you may want to know.

#5 - Awoo


Doggo howl - ex. am doin' an awooo!

#4 - Bamboozle


To confuse or pull a trick on the doggo. "You did me a bamboozle!"

#3 Chonker


1. an overweight doggo / also known as chonky boi

#2 Heck / Heckin'

Adjective / Interjection

1. A doggo’s favorite swear word

(although they don’t really know any others)

#1 Jalapeno Sky Raisins


1. A bumble bee, hornet or any other yellow stripey flying insect.

There you have it frens, doggo lingo 101.

We hope these brought a smile to your face and a little bit of joy to this beautiful fall day.

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