Behind The Scenes - The Doggos Who Call The We Love Doggos Staff Family

Today, we wanted to take you behind the scenes over at We Love Doggos and introduce you to the company dogs that are by our side during the workday. We feel confident in saying that both our hooman and doggo coworkers are the MOST PAWsome out there! 

Not to mention, out of 12 hoomans, we have 14 doggos on our team- we are outnumbered by our fuzzy coworkers here in the We Love Doggos office, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Without further ado, meet some of the company doggos!

Name: Ellie Pickles

Rescued from: Bideawee Animal Shelter in New York

Fun Fact: Ellie was the Manhattan Rescue Dog of the Year in 2018- she is a special needs doggo and has overcome seizures, surgeries, and social anxiety, and is living her best life! Not to mention, she is the official We Love Doggos Brand AmbassaDOGGO.

Name: Delilah (Dee-Dee) Beans

Rescued From: Australian Shepherd Rescue of Colorado

Fun Fact: Delilah’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day and she sure is a lover! She wakes up her PAWrents every morning with a mouthful of doggy kisses.

Name: Diamond

Age: 9

Rescued From: Missouri!

Fun Fact: Her favorite activities are getting pet by her people and going for walks!

Name: Huckleberry

Rescued From: French Bulldog Rescue Network

Fun Fact: Huckleberry has a cleft palette and a spinal deformity- the buddy walks around like a merman! This special needs Frenchie loves to be held like a baby and it’s quite PAWsibly the cutest thing ever.

Name: Wyatt

Rescued From: Montana!

Fun Fact: His favorite food is an All-American classic…a big ole cheeseburger!

Name(s): Ollie, Frannie, & Hugo

Rescued From: Frannie (center) was rescued from a puppy mill!

Fun Fact: Ollie loves car rides, Frannie dances when she meets other hoomans, and sweet Hugo may have won the award for being the “sweetest stinkiest Frenchie!”

Name: Georgia

Rescued From: Kansas!

Fun Fact: Georgia is obsessed with playing catch!

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