Veteran's Incredible Detective Work Leads To The Rescue Of A Stolen Yorkie

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A beloved Yorkie is back home with her family, all thanks to an Iraq war veteran who used his expertise to track down the suspected thieves. Richard Machamer, a United States Marine Corps veteran, was moved to action when he heard that Raquel Witherspoon's Yorkshire Terrier, Avery, was stolen from her home in broad daylight. His desire to help and his expert tracking skills led to the safe return of Avery.

Witherspoon was heartbroken when her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Avery, was stolen from outside of her home. She posted flyers and released doorbell camera footage asking for help in finding her stolen dog. But instead of getting the help she needed, she began receiving text messages demanding $1,200 for Avery's return, along with a video that showed Avery locked in a cage.

But just when all hope seemed lost, Richard Machamer, a United States Marine Corps veteran, reached out to Winterspoon offering to help. He had seen her flyer on a news story about the stolen dog and was moved to action. Thanks to his expert tracking skills, he was able to help Winterspoon get Avery back safely.

“I Hail Mary’d it and put the dognappers’ phone number into my personal phone, which is connected to my Instagram account,” Machamer explained to GMA. “Three to four hours later – Instagram recommended that I follow an account associated with that phone number.”

From there, he found a person who resembled the person in the doorcam video. Police have since arrested a 16-year-old in the theft and returned Avery to his family.

Witherspoon later told ABC News affiliate WJLA how much Avery means to her family, “[H]e’s a family member, he’s my grandson and that’s her son – we had him for three years, he means the world to us.”

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