Weekly Pupdate - Oscar The German Shepherd

by We Love Doggos on August 05, 2022

We love all doggos….but when we found out about Oscar, our German Shepherd community members went BONKERS!

You see, We Love Doggos operates one of the largest German Shepherd Facebook Groups on the planet…almost 164,000 members! Not saving Oscar quickly became NOT an option.

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Now, back to Oscar

'We got a call from Cara at The Underdog Railroad (one of the incredible dog transport charities we support) about a gorgeous little guy who was in constant pain and needed to have his deformed leg amputated if he was ever going to be adopted or have a happy life.

The problem? The surgery was expense…$1,500 to be exact.

We put the call out to our community and offered to match all donations up to the amount needed for the surgery.

Within HOURS we had enough to pay for Oscar’s surgery and a little extra to cover the adoption fee for the family lucky enough to call this smiley fella family.

He goes in for surgery on August 17th and you can be sure we will tell you how it goes.

Whether you’re new to the We Love Doggos community or a long-time partner, you know that our goal is to advocate for and protect homeless doggos in need. A big part of that is campaigning for doggos like Oscar to provide with them the resources to thrive in their everyday life.

In March of 2020, we helped another German Shepherd named Kermit with an amputation, and unfortunately, he had a pre-existing illness that caused him to pass during the procedure. Our staff and the entire We Love Doggos community were devastated by the news.

When we found Oscar, we felt that he was our second chance at seeing a success story within this doggo demographic.

Thanks to our amazing community of hooman heroes.

Give your doggo a snuggle for us and remember that every day with them is a gift worth cherishing.

Is it just us, or... is the resemblance "EAR-y" ...lol.


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