Weekly Charity PUPdate - March Week 5

Today’s PUPdate is dedicated to a very special doggo…meet PIZZA!

Why is this little lady named Pizza you may ask?

Well folks, in our recent vaccination trip to Ensenada, Mexico, we stopped for a lunch break at a local pizza joint. 

Our team of volunteers were enjoying quality conversations about the doggos we had encountered when all of a sudden, this small black dog comes barreling towards us from a good distance away. 

She had the biggest smile on her face and our Executive Director, Terry, yelled “Hey…Pizza! Here Pizza!”

As soon as he began calling for her, she picked up speed. She ran up to us with so much excitement; we gave her some snacks and checked with the nearby restaurants and neighbors to see if she belong to anyone. 

One gentleman that we asked said “She always hangs around here. I’m worried that she’s going to get hit by a car.” After confirming that she was in fact a homeless doggo, we looked at each other and said “This one’s coming with us!”

Pizza got in the van and snuggled up with one of the volunteers immediately. It’s as if she was thinking “Finally, I’m safe.” We walked her across the border and she never looked back. We were so thankful that we got Pizza’s rescue on video. 

Get the tissues out and watch this wholesome video:

Upon further notice, we realized that Pizza was a bit rounder than the other street dogs we had met. The little lady is pregnant with puppies that will soon be born safe in the hands of The Animal Pad, our non-profit affiliate in San Diego, California.

Soon, Pizza will have little Pepperoni, Olive, Sausage, and Anchovy running around with plenty of food and nurturing for them to survive and thrive. We can’t wait to report back with the news that her puppies have been born!

In the meantime, Pizza and her FURiends at the animal shelter need more kibble! Would you consider donating a bag of dog food to The Animal Pad? Their preferred dog food brand is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food (Chicken and Brown Rice). 

You can use the links below to purchase kibble for The Animal Pad, and if you're in the San Diego area and want to personally drop off a bag, their address is included below.

Buy From Amazon  |  Buy From Chewy

Their address is:

The Animal Pad

4620 Avocado Blvd

La Mesa, CA, United States, California

A special thank you to our Hero Club Gold for making it PAWsible for Pizza and 8 other doggos to cross the border with us into their new life! We are already making plans to return and support even more doggos in our next mission.

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