Weekly Charity PUPdate - March Week 4

The Animal Pad

Greetings Doggo Lovers!!


It’s Jesse with your Weekly PUPdate from We Love Doggos Charity! 

Just last week, our executive director, Terry, and I traveled to Mexico to vaccinate 250 doggos!! 

Take a look at this recap video, and see how many puppies YOU can spot!

This week, we provided our Hero Club Members with 20 FURee tickets to one of The Animal Pad’s fundraisers for the doggos in their care.

The event was called “Getting in the Doodles Noodles!” How heckin’ cute is that??

A group of 5 incredible pet psychics from The Animal Communication Collective performed Zoom readings on the doggos in their care.

Our contribution to this event allowed them to raise over $1300.00!!!

The outpour of gratitude from The Animal Pad to our We Love Doggos community has created a tight knit bond, it’s inspired us to continue to support their initiatives as much as PAWsible.

Mission PAWsible

Awoo! We’re narrowing down our options for weatherproof shade units to install outside at Tobacco Valley Animal Shelter in Eureka, Montana! One of the aspects of charity that we’re continuing to work on is receiving donations. 

While We Love Doggos works diligently to fundraise for our affiliate shelters, we need supPAWrt too! That’s why we’ve reached out to some larger brands like Tractor Supply Company to inquire about discounts allotted to non-profits. 

Every penny counts towards saving doggo lives, so we’re working to make sure that the funds provided by our Hero Club Members are spread out to every aspect of We Love Doggos Charity.

As they review our charity application, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the shade unit we’re looking to install!

Can’t you just picture the doggos lounging underneath this gorgeous Gazebo? We’ll keep you posted as we turn the corner towards its installation! 

Project BARK-Yard

WOWZA! It finally happened, ya’ll! The snow melted here in Montana JUST in time for our landscaper to come to visit Mission Valley Animal Shelter!!

If you’re new to the weekly PUPdate, here’s a little background history on the work we’re doing over at Mission Valley Animal Shelter. In 2022, this amazing rescue facility was the We Love Doggos Hero Club Shelter of the Year Awardee!

We had a meeting with their heckin’ awesome crew, and went to town on updating their facility to maximize the amount of doggos they can house temporarily.

As we reviewed their immediate needs, we realized that they FURst needed some doggo basics for the summertime…they needed air conditioning for the doggos! We completed that project with ease, and wondered what else we could check off their needs list.

What Mission Valley desparately needs is an area for potential adopters to spend time with the doggos prior to taking them home. 

We want to ensure that it’s a match for both the doggos and the hoomans, and a little one on one time could save a lot of heartache later for the shelter…in the off chance that it’s not the right fit.

Our Hero Club decided that we’d like to install a doggo meet-and-greet playground, and we called the initative “Project BARKyard!”

Meet Quilla! One of the amazing Doggos available FUR adoption at Mission Valley Animal Shelter. She’s very excited for the dog park!

Now that spring has arrived, we’ll set the date to break ground on this project with an exact quote from the incredible team over at Mission Lawn and Landscape in Ronan, Montana. We are so thrilled to PAWrtner with them for this project and can’t wait to see it finally come to life!

Lend-A-Paw PUPdate

GRReat news! We’ve selected our second March Lend-A-Paw awardee! They’ve been notified and we’re working out how to best serve this retired service doggo in need. 

More details to come on this sweet bubba, named after St. Patricks Day!

Do you or someone you know need help with doggo medical expenses? 

We understand how difficult caring for a sick or injured pet can be, and we want to Lend A Paw. 

If you’re in need, please apply for a We Love Doggos PAWlarship…a scholarship for your doggo’s medical expenses! From there, we’ll work directly with you to ensure that your dog gets the best care PAWsible for their given circumstance.

All you’ll have to do is fill out the required questionnaire, send a photo and video of your doggo to verify it's you, and you’ll be notified if you’ve been selected. 

We have three $500 Lend A Paw awardees each month…we’re here to help lighten the load and aid in your pet’s care no matter how big or small the obstacle ahead may be.

Apply for the Lend-A-Paw Grant Here: https://www.welovedoggos.com/pages/lend-a-paw

The UnderDog Railroad - FUReedom Tour PUPdate

Boy, do we have a sweet face to share with you this week, doggo lovers. In honor of National Puppy Day, we’re featuring this puppy named Quinten, who was rescued thanks to the monthly sponsorship.

We Love Doggos Charity provides to The Underdog Railroad Transport! This incredible non-profit does small scale transports from high risk shelters to no-kill shelters, and this go round Quinten made the trip! 

He is recovering after a limb injury, but countless fosters have stepped up to the plate to ensure he gets the rest he needs to not only survive, but thrive in his new and safe life.

Quinten, WE LOVE YOU!

To learn more about The Underdog Railroad, Visit: https://www.underdograilroadtransport.org/

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