Weekly PUPdate - September 9, 2022

by We Love Doggos on September 09, 2022
We hope this PUPdate finds you well! The Fall season has officially begun, and we are bustling with new initiatives. More importantly, I want to give you a couple of heartwarming updates on two very special doggos.

First up, O-S-C-A-R!

Thank you We Love Doggos Hero Club for matching our contribution and covering the cost of Oscar’s leg amputation. Without it he surely would have been put down in the kill shelter he was in.

But instead…he made a full recovery. And, as hoped, HE WAS ADOPTED!
The foster mom (aka Hooman Hero) that took him in found a co-worker who though that Oscar was the “Bee’s Knees” and made our dream of a FURever home for Oscar a reality.

Here’s a PAWsome photo of them together:
Oscar in his FURever home

Second, A-U-B-U-R-N!

We were so upset about Auburn’s situation that, two weeks ago, we issued a full-scale Dogg-O-Lert. That’s where we go out to our entire 500,000+ doggo-loving community to see if anyone can help save one of our special furry friends facing certain death in a kill shelter.

Within 24 hours we had TEN community members respond offering immediate, life-saving help.

We are happy to report that Auburn has been moved to a long-term no-kill shelter in order to rest and recover after her surgery. She is safe from harm at last and we hope Auburn will build strength and trust in her time before being adopted out. We appreciate all who responded to our “Dogg-o-lert;” ya’ll are REAL HOOMAN HEROES.

Auburn Is Saved!

Lastly, folks, we wanted to shoutout the founder of Underdog Railroad, Cara! She is the one that sent us the news of both of these incredible doggos and truly the heartbeat of our rescue efforts. We wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday from the entire We Love Doggos community!! 
Happy Birthday Cara!


Have an unFURgettable weekend and stay tuned for our upcoming action items for the Fall Season! There are always more doggos to support, and we couldn’t do it without your unwavering support.


With Love and Gratitude,
Jesse & Ellie Pickles
Charity Coordinator and Brand AmbassaDOGGO
by Julie on October 03, 2022

♥️Happy Birthday Cara And To ALL The Amazing Work You Do To Alert And Save Precious Dogs All Over The Country❣️AND Thank You To “WE LOVE DOGGOS” For ALL You Do To Help Save, Protect, Find Foster And Forever Homes For Wonderful And Deserving Dogs All Over♥️

by Sherann G Williamson on September 16, 2022

I’m so grateful that this organization has formed to help precious dogs to help with life saving operations, recovery and adoption. Everyone involved makes a great effort to help each dog and I love the caring spirit that continues to shine with each dog helped. I’ve been spreading the word about this organization and members who give the deeply needed help for each dog. God bless us all!

by Donna Boblooch on September 13, 2022

Thank you for allowing Jasper and I to keep up with our friends. Thank you.


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