Top 5 Reasons Why Appreciating Service Doggos At A Distance Is Best Practice

Get ready to PAWS and celebrate because today is International Guide Dog Day! This FUR-bulous holiday recognizes the incredible contributions of guide dogs and their handlers around the world. 

From guiding their human companions through RUFF terrain to providing a sense of independence and freedom, guide dogs are truly PAWsome companions. However, for individuals that need these doggos on duty, it’s important to remember that approaching them on the job is PAWsitively unacceptable. 

We wanted to share the top 5 reasons why appreciating service doggos at a distance is best practice.

Guide dogs are specially trained to help their owners navigate the world safely, and any distractions or disruptions could potentially put their owners at risk. Interacting with a guide dog could cause the dog to lose focus and fail to alert their owner to obstacles or hazards in their path.

Guide dogs are highly trained to maintain focus on their job and remain attentive to their owner's needs. Interacting with them could break their concentration and make it more difficult for them to perform their duties.

Guide dogs are not pets, but rather highly trained working animals that play an important role in their owners' lives. It's important to respect their job and the important role they play in their owner's daily life.

Guide dogs are trained to ignore distractions, but interacting with them could make it difficult for them to stay focused on their job. This could result in them missing important cues from their owner or becoming disoriented.


It's considered impolite to interact with a guide dog while they are on duty. Guide dogs are highly trained and work hard to ensure their owners' safety and independence. 

So, folks, next time you see a guide dog, remember to give them the respect they deserve! 

Let them do their job and lead their handlers to success without getting in their way. After all, a guide dog's work is never done, and we should all strive to be their PAW-some cheerleaders from afar. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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